Scratch 'Em

Scratch 'Em

Appears In Mario Party Advance
Mini-Game Type Gamble

Scratch 'Em is a minigame that appears in Mario Party Advance. It can be played at the Town Game Room B in Shroom City. Monty Mole would wish for the player to win this minigame for him. If the player wins, then the y will get to keep the minigame.

[edit] Gameplay

For this minigame, the player will have to bet coins on the possible chance of getting a match for the scratch-off game. When they have placed a bet, the player will scratch five spaces on the card and they will win coins equal to the amount given. In Shroom City, the player will win if they obtain one more coin than they started with, which is thirty. The game ends when the player will run out of coins.

[edit] Picture Match Values

The picture match values.

There will also be Blank spaces that appear on the card. These cards will give them nothing if they scratched off.
Series Value
Triple Green Shells x1
Four Green Sheells x5
Five Green Sheells x20
Three Mushrooms x5
Four Mushrooms x10
Five Mushrooms x5-
Three Stars x10
Four Stars x30
Five Stars x100
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