Roll Call

Roll Call
Roll Call with Boos
Boo Level of Roll Call
World One
Players 4
Levels 3
Time Limit Twenty Seconds
Controls A+B

Roll Call is one of the many mini-games in Mario Party 2. It consists of four different players counting the Boos, Toads, or Bob-Ombs running around on the screen by using the A and B buttons. The number above the character's head can be increased by pressing the A button, and decreased by pressing the B button. The character closest to the actual number of creatures on the screen is the winner. You have twenty seconds to get your guess accurate.

[edit] Level One: Boo

On the Boo Level, the character is supposed to count every single visible Boo floating around on the screen, whether it is disappearing at that time or not. If a Boo reappears after disappearing, it is also supposed to be counted.

[edit] Level Two: Toad

On the Toad Level, the character is supposed to count every single Toad while trying to avoid counting the mushrooms buried in the ground. This means counting all of the commuting mushrooms, instead of the immobile ones.

[edit] Level Three: Bob-Omb

On the Bob-Omb level, the character is supposed to count every single Bob-Omb that is walking around the screen without counting any of the exploding ones. If an exploding one is counted, the B button can be used to subtract from the character's count and make the guess accurate once more.

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