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Ricco Harbor
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Ricco Harbor Overview

Ricco Harbor is the second stage in Super Mario Sunshine, not counting Delfino Plaza or Delfino Airstrip, and is located on the tail of the dolphin shaped island. Ricco Harbor is a loading port, with lots of ships, docks, and scaffolding, but also has some buildings used for storing and boarding supplies, a lighthouse, a large platform in the middle of the ocean, and a small fruit market. As in all levels in Super Mario Sunshine, there are eight episodes, thirty blue coins, and eleven total Shine Sprites.

[edit] Chapter Names

The name of the episode are:

[edit] Bosses

In Ricco Harbor, there is only one unique boss, named Gooper Blooper, who's fought in both episode one and in episode five. Also, like every other level, Mario must fight Shadow Mario in episode seven.

[edit] In other Games

Ricco Harbor is a court in Mario Power Tennis. It is a gimmick court, where the tiles of the court move depending on if the tennis ball bounces off of them. This can either make the court larger, or smaller depending on which tiles you hit. It's also featured in a challenge, where you try to volley as many times with Gooper Blooper as you can.

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