Reznor Single NSMB2.png
Reznor, as seen in New Super Mario Bros. 2.
Species Dinosaur
Role Boss
Affiliations Koopa Troop, Dinosaur Island
First Appearance Super Mario World
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. 2

Reznor is a fire-breathing dinosaur that would make its first appearance in Super Mario World. They are the bosses that Mario and Luigi would fight in the fortresses found across Dinosaur Island. From the instruction manual, it says that they were cursed by Bowser. They would be found again in Mushroom Kingdom from their appearance in New Super Mario Bros. 2.


[edit] Game History

[edit] Super Mario Series

[edit] Super Mario World

Reznor SMW.jpg

Reznor would first appear in Super Mario World where they could be found at the end of the Vanilla Fortress, the Forest Fortress, the Chocolate Fortress, and the Valley Fortress with three other Reznors. They will shoot fireballs at the player as they will try to hit the platforms that are underneath each Reznor. When two of them have been knocked off their platform, the floor will begin to break and expose the lava below it. The player will need to beat the Reznors quickly or have to jump onto one of the empty platforms and defeat the other Reznors. It is possible to defeat all four of them from the ground.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. 2

Reznor would appear in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title, New Super Mario Bros. 2. They would be on platforms with Rectangular Coin Blocks instead of regular blocks. When hit, they will give the player three coins and after a short period of time, they will roar and the bridge will start to collapse, like it did in Super Mario World. Reznors will appear in pairs now as well as quartets and this also confirms that Reznor appears more than one in the game. It is likely that they will be the boss for the fortress levels.

[edit] Super Mario Adventures

Reznors would inhabit the basement of the Koopalings' in Super Mario Adventures, They will attack anyone who is dumped in the basement. They would apparently be destroyed after they ignite a bomb that was held by Princess Toadstool and would blow up the whole Tower.

They could also be seen riding on their spinning platforms at Bowser's wedding with Princess Toadstool.

[edit] Super Mario-Kun

They would appear in Super Mario-Kun in the Super Mario World adaptation of Japanese manga. They will try to spin very quickly to prevent Mario and his friends from hitting them. But because of their speed, they will fall off their platforms and allow them to be defeated by Mario and his friends.

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