Reverse Mushroom

Reverse Mushroom

Reverse Mushroom item as it appears in Mario Party 3.

Appearance(s) Mario Party 3
Effect Makes the afflicted player move in the opposite direction for 1 turn.
Coin Cost 5 Coins
Rarity Very Common

The Reverse Mushroom made its only appearance in Mario Party 3. To use it, simply select it at the beginning of your turn. Then it will ask you who you want to use the mushroom on. More often than not, you'll want to use it on an opponent, but on rare occasions, you may desire its effect to get to a Star or some other important area on the board. The name you select will be the person affected by this item. The Reverse Mushroom will force the afflicted player to move in the opposite direction(reverse) for that turn. This can be cancelled out through the use of a Mushroom, Golden Mushroom, Magic Lamp, and a few other items so be sure your desired target doesn't have an item to offset the effects of a Reverse Mushroom. You can only get it in Baby Bowser's Shop and it costs just 5 coins. It is quite common to find it as one of the items you can get in the various item games. There has been no replacement item for the Reverse Mushroom in the Mario Party Series since its appearance in Mario Party 3.

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