Propeller Mario

Propeller Mario
Propeller Mario.png
Used By Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad
Required Item Propeller Mushroom
Effect Propels the character in an upward motion.
First Appeared In New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Recent Appearance Mario Tennis Open

The Propeller Mushroom is a newer variation of Mushroom which transforms Mario into Propeller Mario. Shaking the Wii remote will cause Mario to fly straight up for a ways, then float back down, or shake while he is floating to glide. You can also use a ground pound while he is in the air to perform an attack, or to land quickly. This is a very helpful power up which allows you to acquire hard to reach star coins, reach warp pipes that would otherwise be out of reach or simply just avoiding a hard part in the game.

If another player picks up the player that has the Propeller suit, then they will be able to be launched into the air as well. After being propelled, the character will fall gently to the ground by spinning several times. If they use the Ground Pound then they will have the same recovery while falling and they will perform a Drill Spin.

[edit] Appearance

When the character uses the Propeller Mushroom, they will have a helmet of their head that has a propeller on the top of it. On the side of the helmets, is the emblem for the character that is using it. They will wear a flight suit and the color of the suit and helmet will depend on the character.

It would be a costume in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games where it can be unlocked for the Mii after paying 10 blank cards. It would also be a costume in Mario Tennis Open and is unlocked after five characters have been turned into star characters. A Tennis Racket can also be unlocked for 1,750 coins after it randomly appears after a match.

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