Podoboo Orb

Podoboo Orb

Podoboo Orb as it appears in Mario Party 6.

Appearance(s) Mario Party 5 and Mario Party 6
Effect Burns the first opponent that passes it on the board and takes away 10 coins from that player.
Coin Cost 10 coins(Mario Party 6)
Rarity Common

First named the Bubble Capsule in Mario Party 5, it is more commonly known by its Mario Party 6 name, the Podoboo Orb. In Mario Party 6, it is a roadblock orb and will be automatically activated when an opponent passes it. Once acivated, a group of Podoboos swarm the victim and burn them, costing the player 10 coins. As with all other roadblock orbs in Mario Party 6, the effects of this Orb may be canceled out by the use of a Metal Mushroom Orb at the beginning of your turn. This Orb will not have any effect on the player that originally placed the Orb on the board. Aside from not being a roadblock orb, its effects are the same in Mario Party 5. The Spiny Orb would replace this Orb's effect in Mario Party 7.

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