Piece Out

Piece Out
Piece Out.png
Piece Out as shown in Mario Party 5.

Piece Out is a Duel Minigame appearing in Mario Party 5 and a Puzzle Minigame appearing in Mario Party DS.

In Mario Party 5, players must fill their spaces with blocks of various colors. They can grab the blocks of their choice from the conveyor belt and place them on the field. Any blocks that they don't want can be placed into the trash bin below. Filling up the entire space will earn the player points and the pieces will disappear, allowing the players to fill up the space once more. When playing in Party Mode, the default time is 1 minute, although in Mini Game Mode, you have the option to play with 1, 3, or 5 minutes. The player who earns the most points when time expires will win the minigame.

The same rule applies in Mario Party DS with some minor differences. This minigame is only played solo and the goal for the player is to fill up the entire space within 60 seconds. If the player successfully fills up the space, the blocks will clear and the timer will reset to 60 seconds. The minigame's difficulty will increase and it will continue until the player is unable to fill all of the spaces within that time period.

[edit] Controls

[edit] Mario Party 5

  • Control Stick - Move Cursor
  • A - Pick Up/Drop Piece
  • L - Rotate piece to the left.
  • R - Rotate piece to the right.

[edit] Mario Party DS

  • D-Pad - Move Cursor
  • A - Pick Up/Drop Piece
  • L / Y - Rotate piece to the left.
  • R / X - Rotate piece to the right.

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