Peach Beach

Peach Beach is a track from the Mario Kart series that appears in Mario Kart Double Dash!! and Mario Kart Wii.

[edit] Background

Peach Beach is a tropical location, that is Princess Peach's favourite beach. It is to be noted that the award ceremony at the end of every cup takes place at this location.

[edit] Track Layout

The track takes drivers from a small settlement at the start, around the beach where numerous Cataquacks will become agitated and rush the player (but can be dsabled with items), and up a hill back to the town again.

[edit] Mario Kart Wii

Graphically updated over the previous version, Peach Beach forms the first track of the Shell Cup. Enhancements include Hammer Bros., Toads, Goombas and Shy Guys as passengers of The Sunshine. Seagulls will also appear flying over the ocean, and more umbrellas are shading the spectators behind the side line. Also, after the first straightway, the pipe towards the left is removed from this game.

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