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Note: This page includes everything that happens before the Prologue actually begins as well.


[edit] The Beginning

Paper Mario starts with a Paratroopa Mailman delivering the Mario Bros. mail. Shortly after he leaves, Luigi, Mario's brother, runs outside to grab the mail. He then takes it inside to Mario. It is a letter from the Princess, telling them that they are invited to a royal party down at the castle. The Mario Bros. immediately leave the house, and go away to Toad Town via a Green Sewer Pipe in their front yard.

[edit] Toad Town

As soon as Mario and Luigi arrive in Toad Town, they go for the castle. To do this, they have to go through Toad Town. However, this is a scene, so you don't actually have to do anything except watch them run.

When they arrive at the Castle, Luigi decides to stay inside the main room while Mario goes to visit the Princess. This is when you gain control over a character for the first time. Take Mario up the stairs, and he'll be in another main room. Make him go up the stairs on the side, and continue this until you get to the next room. You'll arrive in an area, where all you have to do is walk a little bit and go up some stairs, then open the door.

Now, here's the big part. You see the Princess! After talking to her for a little while, a strange rumbling occurs. It's Bowser, the Koopa King! He shatters Princess Peach's Castle's windows, as he has a large version of the Clown Car taking the Castle up into the sky. Kammy Koopa, Bowser's sidekick is right behind him, ready for mischief.

Mario gets ready for battle, however...Bowser doesn't think Mario will win. Peach is almost sure that he'll win, but Bowser continues to deny this. Time for your first boss battle!

[edit] BOSS: Bowser, the Koopa King

HP: 10
ATK: 1-3 (Punch), 10 (Flame)
DEF: 0-1

For this battle, there really isn't much to do. You're stuck with a simple boss, and since you don't have your hammer, all you get to do is Jump. This is really no fun. Just press buttons for a while, and on the third turn, Bowser pulls out his secret weapon, the Star Rod! All his stats go up (this is seen by the second number in the list of stats), and you can't injure him anymore. After punching you two more times, he'll release a powerful flame, which instantly kills Mario. Not to worry though, as it's an auto-lose, so nothing happens.

[edit] After the Battle

Here, Bowser shoots Mario out a window. It's a little crazy, but so is Bowser. Eh. Anyways, Mario lands in a field beside the Goomba Village, where Goombario and his family live. Goombaria finds him, and takes him back to the Toad House at Goomba Village. Before this can happen however, the 7 Star Spirits appear before Mario. He is unconscious, so he only has a faint memory that was made, possibly by the Star Spirits.

[edit] Prologue: A Plea from the Stars

Mario with the surrounding Star Spirits

When Mario wakes up from the house, the elder of the 7 Star Spirits appears in the room. Mario hears him, but doesn't actually open his eyes. He questions the manager of the Toad House, but Toad says that he didn't see anyone go in or out, so Mario must've still been dreaming.

Now, since you've regained control of Mario, take him outside and over to the gate on the far right. Before you can, there will be a few scenes, but they aren't important. When you arrive, you'll find out that it's broken. Goombario's dad is about to fix it, but Kammy Koopa arrives and drops a large block on it that can only be broken by a hammer. Goombario's dad tells Mario to visit Goompa on the terrace, who has a hammer, which can break the block. However, Mario goes out there and finds that the terrace is actually gone, because Goompa broke it. So, he falls down into an unknown field, outside of Goomba Village.

[edit] Part 2

Alright, here's a guide that basically tells you exactly what to do here. Walk over to Goompa, who is just below the ledge. You'll see that there's a block here, meaning you can't get by this area either. Well, that is, you can't get by without Goompa's hammer. Sadly, he doesn't have it. It dropped from his hands when he fell off the veranda. Oh well, that just means more Mario time for you. Walk over to the left, but ignore the blocks. You can mess with them on your way back if you wish. Now, you'll be in an open area with bushes, trees, and a few pointless blocks. Walk all the way to the left, and shake the bush closest to that tree. Now, you've got a hammer. Press "B" to use it.

[edit] BOSS: Jr. Troopa

HP: 5
ATK: 1
DEF: 0

This is definitely the easiest battle in the entire game. It's hard to even count Jr. Troopa as a boss. You can't lose the's just that easy. I might as well give you a quick rundown of what to do anyways.

Start off with either your hammer or your jump. If you want to experiment with a Basic Hammer, try your hammer. Jump is still the same as it was in the Bowser Battle. He'll ram you, and try and intimidate you almost all the time, so he's just an annoying little brat. Ignore him, squish him with your weapon or under your feet and he's gone. This takes 5 Turns.

[edit] Off to Goomba Village!

Alright, Jr. Troopa threatens to return and get his revenge (normal villain stuff), but he just runs away like a little wimp. Actually, you're doing that too. Leave the foresty area, and you'll be back in that small place you were in earlier. Hit the block here if you want to. It doesn't give you anything but a coin. Walk left, hit the tree next to the block with your hammer, and you get a mushroom. These restore 5 HP when you eat them, so they're always helpful. Here, you break the block, and you can hit a "Heart Block". These will completely fill your HP and FP, so they're pretty useful. Oh, here's the best part. They USUALLY appear before a long trip or a hard boss, so you'll never be mad when you see one of these.

If you go down from the Heart Block, you'll see a big Gray block, sort of like the yellow one you broke earlier. However, you can't break this one just yet, so give it some time, and you can return if you'd like. Go up, jump up the little ledges, and land on the spring (the box has nothing). You'll be shot up to a cliff area. On the cliff, there is a Fire Flower, which damages all enemies on the screen. This is pretty useful as well, and I'd recommend keeping it. On your way up, you'll see some coins. If you miss them your first time, it's no big deal. Just jump down and try again.

Jump back down, then head to your right. Leave this area. Now, Goompa is going to tell you that the Goombas in this area are loyal to Bowser. No really Goompa. Whatever, just ignore him for now. He does say one thing interesting though. He teaches you about "First Strikes". This is when you attack an enemy while still on the field by jumping on it or hammering it. This gives you two turns with Mario in the beginning of a battle!

Run to your right and go up the ledges. On the second or third ledge, you'll find a Goomba. This guy should be pretty easy to get rid of. No trouble at all, so ignore him and move on. Using a First Strike is the only way you can beat him in one turn though, so I'd go for that. Now, a Spiked Goomba will jump out at you from behind a mushroom. This adds a new element in the battle, damage FROM attacking. If you're going for the First Strike, ONLY USE YOUR HAMMER!!! Don't even THINK about jumping on it (in battle or for the First Strike). You'll lose 1 HP each time you do it. Hammer is the only way to beat a Spiked Goomba right now. Continue up the ledges, make a loop, and begin going up these ledges. Ignore the Paragoomba; we'll mess with him later. Kill the easy Goomba here, then continue to your left. If you hit the first big tree that you see, you get a coin. Not worth much value, but it always helps. Jump down the ledges, and you'll find a Star Piece. Keep these, since they can get you some important prizes later in the game. Return to the Paragoomba. For the Paragoomba's First Strike; Jump on him when he is close to the ground (hammer also works here, but not in normal battle). This is basically a normal Goomba, but with wings, meaning you cannot Hammer it until it's on the ground. Now follow the path, and enter the next room.

[edit] Adventure to Toad Town

Here, Goompa starts talking...big surprise. Break the block, and you're back in Goomba Village. Now, while you're here, you really don't have many things to do. However, one big thing DOES happen (whether you want it to or not): Goombario joins the party! By pressing the Right Analog Stick down, he will use his "Tattle" ability and tell you what's happening in the area. His in battle abilities are Headbonk, which allows him to attack your enemies with a basic headbonk, and Tattle, which gives you all the information you need to know (HP, FP, and minor description) about your enemy! He's a huge help everywhere, and he's one of the higher-ranked party members.

Now, when you leave, Goombario's father will give you a badge (this one is Power Jump). He explains how to equip it, so do so if you want an easier game. As you leave Goomba Village, you'll find a sign. If you examine it, a Goomba will fly out of it. You get experience battling it, so...battle it. First Strike is okay here. If you go to the right, you'll run into two more Goombas, so feel free to battle them. Again, First Strike is easy and recommended, so that this battle will go faster. Up ahead, you'll find two "?" blocks. There's nothing really important in them, but you should still get them. Next, you have to fight another easy monster, a Paragoomba. Just don't hammer and you're okay. Further ahead (there are a few enemies in between here, but we shouldn't need to cover them), you'll find a board with a Mushroom. Examine it, and get the Mushroom that pops out. As you continue, hit the Heart Block, and proceed to the next area.

[edit] BOSS: Goomba Bros.

Now, this battle is hard to lose, but you can lose it. However, Mario now has a partner to assist him in taking down these fiends! Goombario's Tattle ability isn't necessary, but it can help. Overall, multiple Headbonks and normal Jumps will be able to defeat these guys.

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