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Paper Mario


[edit] Chapter Bosses

All the chapter bosses will be listed in order.

[edit] Magikoopa

Boss Battle: MagiKoopa
HP: 8 (MagiKoopa)
Attack Power: 1 (MagiKoopa)
Defence: 0 (MagiKoopa)
Basically designed to get you used to the Action Command system, the battle with MagiKoopa isn't a difficult one. The basic strategy is to Double-Jump the MagiKoopa until he falls off his vehicle, opening up the option of Hammer Striking him. His famous attacking sequences aren't anything to worry about, striking for one HP of damage with each hit. Just keep attacking him, and you will win.

[edit] Bowser???/Koopa Brothers

HP: 10 (Bowser???), 5 (individual Koopa Brothers)
This two-phase battle begins with Mario facing off against a rather unconvincing robotic incarnation of Bowser. Hopefully, you will still have that Thunder Bolt from your trip through the Pleasant Path from Koopa Village to the Koopa Brothers' Fortress; if so, fire away! This will knock off half of the machine's HP! Finish it off with Bomb attacks from Bombette and charged Hammer Strikes from Mario (the Hammer Charge Badge, located at the top of the spiralling walkway in the entrance hall of the Fortress, is very useful here, permitting Mario to do as much damage as Bombette). When the machine self-destructs, the Koopa Brothers decide to tackle you personally. Their "Super Formation" is basically the four of them standing on top of one another, and spinning around to crash into Mario. The damage of this attack is one less than the number of Koopa Brothers in the battle (it does 3 damage if there are 4 Koopa Brothers, and so on). Bomb them to knock them out of this formation and onto the floor. While it is undoubtedly tempting to use the Shooting Star from Goomba Village if you have it, restrain yourself. They can be defeated with Power Shells from Kooper and Hammer Strikes from Mario.

[edit] TutanKoopa

HP: 30 (TutanKoopa) / 4 (Chomp)
Recommended Party Members: Parakarry (Level 2)
TutanKoopa isn't particularly powerful, however his position on his high ledge makes him a difficult target to hit. Bombette and Kooper may as well just sit back and watch, since they cannot attack TutanKoopa in this state. TutanKoopa's initial attacks consist of rocks being thrown from his platform. These are usually directed toward Mario, but can occasionally target his Party Member, so be alert. Soon, TutanKoopa will summon a Chomp. These things have only 4 HP, and they have two points of Defense going for them. While defeating these machines repeatedly is a good way of gathering a few additional Star Points, it isn't particularly vital that you take them out. Bombette's Bomb attacks or Parakarry's Air Shot attacks and Mario's Charged Super Hammer Strikes can do the trick. TutanKoopa's other attack is to create a gigantic Chomp, which crashes down onto the arena floor. This causes rocks to fall from the ceiling, which will hit Mario AND put his Party Member out of action for two or three rounds! Mario can generally withstand it; prevent these attacks from damaging your Party Member! If TutanKoopa uses this attack again, the rocks will crash down on himself, knocking him to the floor and stunning him for a round. This is a brilliant opportunity to strike him with the Super Hammer.

[edit] Tubba's Heart/Tubba Blubba

HP: 50 (Tubba's Heart) / 10 (Tubba Blubba)
Recommended Party Members: Bow (Level 2), Parakarry (Level 2)
Having 50 HP and the capability of striking you for an average of 6 HP of damage per turn, Tubba's Heart is a powerful opponent. However, you do have one trick on your side which can be used to avoid being damaged by Tubba's Heart. Tubba's Heart uses a full turn to charge up for his ultimate attack. If Mario Double Spin Jumps on Tubba's Heart during this turn, then has Bows use Out Of Sight, he will have full protection from the attack. Tubba's Heart can use another attack in addition, hitting Mario for 6 HP of damage. Since FP conservation is absolutely vital in this round, only use Out Of Sight when Tubba's Heart is charging up for its super move. The second round is relatively basic. Switch to Parakarry between the two rounds, and hit Tubba Blubba with any Double Attack from Mario and a Shell Shot from Parakarry. If Tubba Blubba survives that attack, dodge his (fairly powerful) strikes, and attack him again.

[edit] General Guy

HP: 15 (Shy Squad), 10 (Stilt Guys), 12 (Shy Stack), 30 (General Guy), 10 (Light Bulb)
Recommended Party Members: Parakarry (Level 2), Bow (Level 2), Watt (Level 2)
The first round is against the Shy Squad. This is a group of Shy Guys consisting of fifteen members. The damage which they can do is equivalent to the number of Shy Guys remaining in the Shy Squad (so, with 15 Shy Guys, they can do 15 HP of damage, and so on). The good news is that using the "Zap Tap" Badge, if you have it, will protect you from these attacks, as can Watt if she is at Level 2. With the fifteen of them defeated, we move on to the second phase. General Guy now summons a pair of Stilt Guys. Parakarry is the most powerful Party Member in taking them on. They may, at some point, fall off their stilts, sometimes permitting you to rush at them with other attacks. The third wave consists of eight Shy Guys, separated into two "Shy Stacks". Each Stack can be attacked as a whole, or any rotating Hammer Strike can knock the SHy Guys off the Shy Stacks individually. Their attack power is equivalent to the number of Shy Guys in that particular individual Shy Stack (so, if there are 4 Shy Guys in a Shy Stack, the Attack Power of that Shy Stack is 4, and so on). Defeating the Shy Stacks will finally send you into direct combat with General Guy himself. General Guy's "Tank" is armed with a light-bulb on the back, which launches lightning rays at Mario and his Party Members. Take it out with Mario and Parakarry. General Guy has bombs inside the Tank which he can throw at you from the machine's cockpit, which are less damaging than the lighting rays, and only affect Mario or his Party Members. Attack the cockpit with Watt's Electro Dash and Mario's Super Hammer Strikes, and use Bow's Out Of Sight to restore your HP if necessary. General Guy will, following a long fight, be defeated.

[edit] Lava Piranha

HP: 40 (Lava Piranha/Phoenix Piranha), 1 (Mini Piranha) 4 (Lava Bud), 7 (Phoenix Bud)
Recommended Party Members: Sushie (Level 3)
Lava Piranha may take a few rounds to defeat, but this overgrown volcanic plant is not much of a problem in his first form. Lava Piranha will use his fire attacks to hit you for 4-5 HP of damage, and the Lava Buds will produce Mini Piranhas, which will crash into you to damage you. Since the Lava Buds never attack you directly and they will be defeated by Sushie's Tidal Waves relatively soon, focus Mario's attention firmly on Lava Piranha. Use your most-powerful Jumping attacks on its head, and it will soon be defeated. However, that isn't quite it. Lava Piranha will revive itself, restoring its HP to the maximum level of 40, and increasing the Attack Power of the complete plant, too. Lava Piranha will now require a Squirt/Tidal Wave or the Ice Power/Fire Shield Badge to be Jumped on. The Lava Buds will now shoot fireballs directly at Mario and his Party Members. Attacking them with Sushie's Tidal Wave will put out their firey shields and knock them out for two rounds or so. The Lava Buds will revive two or three rounds following their defeat, and Lava Piranha himself will recover from the watery attacks in that time. Repeat this process and Lava Piranha will soon be properly defeated.

[edit] Huff 'N' Puff

HP: 60 (Huff 'N' Puff) 1 (Individual Tuff Puffs)
Recommended Party Members: Sushie (Level 3), Parakarry (Level 3), Bow (Level 3)
Considered by many people to be one of the most difficult Bosses in any Mario Role-Playing Game, Huff 'N' Puff requires more than just outward force to defeat him. Huff 'N' Puff has a unique method of restoring his HP. When he is damaged, he releases a number of "Tuff Puffs" equal to the amount of damage which he takes (so, if he takes 4 damage, he will release 4 Tuff Puffs, and so on). The only method of preventing him from using this ability is to attack the Tuff Puffs. Sushie's Tidal Wave is useful here, and Mario can call on Skolar to attack with a Star Storm, too. It should be noted that Thunder Bolts, Thunder Rages and and of Watt's Lightning-based attacks will do no damage to Huff 'N' Puff or the Tuff Puffs, due to their natural immunity to Lightning. Snowman Dolls, Fire Flowers and possibly POW Blocks are fine if you're really desperate to damage your many targets. Huff 'N' Puffs attacks consist of a lightning attack which can affect your Party Members (which he has to charge up for; remember your strategies from the fight with Tubba's Heart...!), and an attack similar to Buzzar's feather attacks, which you can defend against by consistently pressing the A-Button as he attacks. His ultimate attack comes when he reaches around 15 HP. Once he reaches around 20 HP, you should hit him as hard as you can with Mario (Star Storm is good), and have Bow use Outta Sight, because Huff 'N' Puff will crash down and hit you for 15 HP of damage! Keep it up, and Huff 'N' Puff will, after a while, surrender.

[edit] Crystal King

HP: 70 (Crystal King), 1 (Individual Crystal Bits)
Recommended Party Members: Anyone (Level 3)
The Crystal King's primary attack is to inhale the Crystal Bits and launch them out at Mario and his Party Members. This attack can only be used if the Crystal King first creates the Crystal Bits. They can be defeated with any attack or Item which damages all opponents (a Fire Flower is a good choice). Possibly the Crystal King's most dangerous attack is his ice ray. This comes out of the blue, with very little indication that he is about to fire it off. This will strike Mario for 6 HP of damage, and will freeze him for three rounds! During this time, the Crystal King can take a number of free shots at Mario, so be prepared to defend Mario with Bow's Out Of Sight and/or Sushi's Water Block. Soon, the Crystal King will begin to use his "Divide And Conquer" ability. In doing this, he spins around and creates two duplicates of himself. If anyone tells you that the real one "glows brighter" or "spins slower during the split", ignore them - there is NO method of determining which one is the real Crystal King without using Chill Out. Chill Out will reveal the real Crystal King, because the fake Crystal Kings will not display the "Chilled Out" icon, while the real Crystal king himself will. The three of them can fire off a very powerful ice attack (similar to Buzzar's Feather Storm and Huff 'N' Puff's Wind Ray), which can be defended against by repeatedly pressing the appropriate commands. The Crystal King will sometimes hover into the air to use his Divide And Conquer ability. He may take a few minutes to defeat; he is, however, defeatable.

[edit] Bowser & Kammy Koopa

HP: 99 (Bowser), 10 (Kammy Koopa)
In the first section of this star-powered showdown, hit Bowser with the most powerful attacks which you have available to you. Use no Items unless it is absolutely necessary, and attack Bowser with whatever your most powerful attacks against him are. If they consume 10 FP per round, so be it. It doesn't matter. Just hit him as hard as you possibly can. A couple of rounds into the showdown, and Bowser will power himself up using the Star Rod. Fire the Star Beam at him, and watch the following cut-scenes. You are now in a unique battle - you are playing as Peach, your Party Member is Twink, and your opponent is Kammy Koopa. The basic plan here is to use Twink's Dash ability in each of his turns, and use Peach's Wish ability in each of her turns. Five hits to Kammy, and she will be defeated. Now, back to the super-destructive dragon-turtle on the other side of the arena. Mario will thankfully be fully restored to his maximum levels of HP and FP. As the cut-scenes following the battle with Kammy indicate, the Star Beam has now received an Upgrade. Fire off the "Peach Beam" at Bowser. Now, we can continue the battle properly! Bowser has a large number of attacks, and his attacks can hit you for massive amounts of damage. His claw attack does 8 damage (normal) or 16 damage (powered-up), and can Poison you for three rounds. His jumping attack hits you for 8 damage (normal) or 16 damage (powered-up), and can prevent you from using a specific command for three rounds. His fire attacks hit you for 10 damage (normal) or 20 damage (powered-up), making this the single most powerful attack in the full game! His lightning attack is another 8/16 one (plus a potential three-round paralysis effect!), and this one is very difficult to predict unless you look for Bowser absorbing the light rays into his body first. His final attack is his Star Wave attack, which hits Mario for 8/16 damage and his Party Members for 2/4 damage! As soon as Bowser powers himself up, hit him with the Peach Beam again very soon. Bowser will occasionally restore 30 HP to himself, so watch out for that ability of his. It will probably be a long showdown and may require a few re-attempts. Defeating him shows the cut-scene which started off the very popular assumption that he had been defeated for good until Super Mario Sunshine was released. Congratulations!

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