Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Paper Mario Sticker Star Box.png
The North American Boxart.
Developer Intelligent System
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s) North America: November 11, 2012
Japan: December 6, 2012
Europe: December 7, 2012
Australia: December 8, 2012
Genre RPG

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is an upcoming Paper Mario video game for the Nintendo 3DS. This will be the fourth game of the Paper Mario series and is set to be released November 11th, 2012 in North America. The game will feature Stickers that are plastered all over the world that become battle commands for Mario. If he uses a Hammer Sticker to smash, and the Stomp Sticker to stomp.


[edit] Storyline

Paper Mario: Sticker Star starts off on the night of the annual holiday, the Sticker Fest. During this holiday, the citizens would come to gather to watch the Sticker Coment shoot across the sky. It has been said that the Sticker Comet makes wishes come true. Princess Peach, on stage, would show to the audience the comet as it floats down to the scene before suddenly, Bowser and his troops appear and crash the festivities. Bowser would take it for his own, while the Goombas and Koopas Troopas cheer. Three Toads would try to pull Bowser away but instead had have him crash into the Sticker Comet and break it into six pieces and scatter across the Mushroom Kingdom. One piece of it would fall onto Bowser's head and cause him to be even more powerful and unleash a tornado that scares away the Toads. Mario, tries to attack him but is simply overpowered and wakes up with the Sticker Fest in complete disaster. Toads are stuck to Bowser stickers and Princess Peach is missing. Mario would meet Kersti when he regains consciousness. Kersti is a sticker fairy and the caretaker to the Royal Stickers. She at first, blames Mario for touching the Sticker Comet and the destruction of the Sticker Fest. Mario tries to explain that it was Bowser who touched it, but she would see this as a cowardly excuse at first. Mario offers to help Kersti get the Royal Stickers back, to which she agrees. Mario will now have to retrieve the 6 Royal Stickers that have been scattered across the land and rescue Princess Peach and the Toads from Bowser.

[edit] Nintendo eShop Description

Launching this holiday, this classic action role-playing franchise gets a fresh 3D look in its hand-held debut as Mario uses stickers found in the game to win battles and solve puzzles.

[edit] Gameplay

Paper Mario: Sticker Star will be going back to the turn-based battle system that was in the first two Paper Mario games. The Jump and Hammer Commands will make a return with a new layout for the touch screen. Partners will also return, there have been screenshots of a Chain Chomp as a partner for Mario. Stickers will play a huge role in this game as they will allow Mario to use power-ups like the Frog Suit. It can also help to overcome obstacles. Also new to the game is the "Battle Chance slot machine which will allow Mario to collect more stickers.

Screenshots reveal that the stickers are shown on the touch screen and players can choose from the following options: Status, Sticker, Scrap, Things. There are larger stickers that will take up more room in your inventory. There will be a slot machine-like battle spinner that can let the player to earn more coins to get more room for stickers.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Protagonist

[edit] Allies

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Mini-Bosses

[edit] Main Bosses

Bowser would later be turned into a cardboard version of Giant Bowser and act as the final boss of the game.

[edit] Other

[edit] Features

[edit] Items

[edit] Stickers

[edit] Obstacles

  • Bowser Tape. Peeling the tape will find hidden stickers or areas.

[edit] Locations

Paper Mario: Sticker Star has a level progression system, which is a change from the past Paper Mario games. Each level can be unlocked after collecting a Comet Piece in the area.

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