Paper Mario

Paper Mario
Genre Fantasy Role-Playing (N64)
Developer Intelligent Systems
Theme(s) Alternate Reality, Fantasy
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Virtual Console
Release Date(s) Nintendo 64
Aug 11, 00 [Japan]
Feb 5, 01 [North America]
October 5, 01 [PAL]
Virtual Console
July 10, 07 [Japan]
July 13, 07 [PAL]
July 16, 07 [North America]

Paper Mario, known in Japan as "Mario Story", is a RPG (Role-Playing Game) video game made by Nintendo and Intelligent System for the Nintendo 64. It was released on August 11, 2000 in Japan and was released on February 5, 2001 in North America, then October 5, 2001 in Europe.

Paper Mario you can say is a sequel to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System). It is the first of the Paper Mario series being followed by Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the GameCube and the sequel after that is Super Paper Mario, followed by Paper Mario 3DS, expecting a release around the time the 3DS is released.

Paper Mario was re-released on the Virtual Console of the Nintendo Wii.

[edit] Plot

The story of Paper Mario begins with an introduction to Star Haven, a place where the seven Star Spirits reside and, using the Star Rod, an item with the power to grant any wish, grant the requests of those who wish upon the stars. The story's conflict begins when Bowser and his assistant Kammy Koopa invade Star Haven, steal the Star Rod and transform the seven Star Spirits into cards.

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi, unaware of what has taken place, receive an invitation from Princess Peach to a party at her castle. Upon arrival, Mario retires from the guests to the back of the castle to pay a visit to Peach in private. Peach greets Mario and asks him to accompany her to her balcony. Before Mario and Princess Peach reach the balcony, a loud rumbling noise is heard. The Princess' castle is then lifted into the sky by a fortress that had been located underneath the ground below the castle. Bowser then enters the castle and reveals that he is once again attempting to kidnap Princess Peach. Mario does battle with Bowser, but fails because of the Star Rod's ability to make Bowser invincible. After beating Mario, Bowser throws him out of the window into space.

An injured Mario is healed by the Star Spirits. Mario lands injured and unconscious in a grassy clearing. Projections of the seven Star Spirits appear above Mario and with the strength that remains within them, the Star Spirits give the wounded Mario the strength to survive via these projections. Soon after, a Goomba girl, named Goombaria, encounters Mario still unconscious and takes him to his village to heal. During his unconscious state in the village, Mario receives a vision from Eldstar, one of the Star Spirits, telling him to come to Shooting Star Summit as soon as possible, as the Star Spirits will be better able to communicate with him there. After arriving at Shooting Star Summit, the seven Star Spirits reveal to Mario what Bowser has done and tell him that the only way he will be able to defeat Bowser is to rescue all seven of them, each of whom has been placed under the care of Bowser's minions in a particular area of the Mushroom Kingdom, for only their combined power will be able to overcome that of the Star Rod.

Mario has to go through 8 chapters of adventure, He meets partners on his long ravishing adventure to regain the star spirits and get the star rod back from Bowser also getting the Castle back on ground. He makes his way through tons of places and past tons of enemies. He goes through a meadow leading to a dark castle on the first chapter, he takes a train leading to a desert then soon finds a ancient tomb on the second chapter, on the next chapter he goes through a dark maze forest and then finds a ghost mansion and soon goes into a big castle finding someone without a heart then gains it gain and makes him vulnerable saving the ghosts. On the fourth chapter Mario find toad town in a wreck and goes into this toys box to fix the mess. the fifth chapter Mario goes to a island with Yoshi's. he goes all around the island looking for baby Yoshi's then he meets rapheal after recovering all the yoshi's and they lead him to a volcano to defeat the hot lava piranha. On chapter 6 he goes into a garden and finds a big mess there, there are dark clouds in the sky no sun so Mario goes on a adventure to recover those then goes and defeats the big dark cloud named huff n puff. On chapter 7 Mario goes on a huge adventure to this cold town then goes to a star town followed by that goes into a ice castle having to fight the ice king. On chapter 8 Mario recovers all the star sprites and goes to Bowser's castle and defeats Bowser and the castle falls down to it's normal place on the ground.

Back at home, Mario has finished telling Luigi the story, when Parakarry arrives with a letter to Peach's castle. All of the party members that had joined Mario on his quest are also invited as the guests of honor. Upon entering the castle, Peach emerges, congratulating Mario and his friends for retrieving the Star Rod and defeating Bowser.

After a parade through the credits (led by Luigi), Mario takes Peach to his house to watch the fireworks, with the intro music playing lullaby-style. The scene will continue to play the fireworks until the player turns off the game.

[edit] Partners

While you progress through the game you get partners that help Mario throughout his adventure. These are his partner's from the order you get them, what their moves are, and how they can be of use outside of battle.

  • Goombario - Goombario is a good-natured Goomba from Goomba Village. He wishes to travel the world and be as brave as Mario. He meets Mario after our hero gets stricken off from Peach's castle in the sky. Goombario joins him in his quest once Mario breaks the block that covers the path to Toad Town. His moves are all jumping moves: Headbonks (or jumps) on enemies, Tattles (shows enemies HP and tells you a little about them, revealing their HP permanently after one Tattle), a Charge ability that gives himself more attack power, and a Multi-Bonk ability that allows Goombario to continuously Headbonk an enemy until the Action Command is missed. When not in battle, Goombario can tell Mario about the area he's passing through, giving fun facts and mediocre humor.
  • Kooper - Kooper is a koopa you meet at Koopa Village. Daring and adventurous, his role model is the travelling archaeologist Kolorado. He joins Mario on his quest after Mario recovers his shell back from the Fuzzies that invade Koopa Village. All his moves are shell bashing moves. For his first move, Shell Toss, he just goes into his shell and charges at the first enemy. His second move, Power Shell, hits all enemies. His third move, Dizzy Shell, hits all enemies making them dizzy. Kooper's fourth and final move, Fire Shell, hits all enemies making them burn. When not in battle, Mario can kick Kooper over large distances to hit switches or enemies, opening new paths or giving Mario an early advantage in battle.
  • Bombette - This fiesty pink Bob-omb meets Mario in a jail cell at the Koopa Fortress. She is thrown in the dungeon after exploding next to one of the Koopa Bros. as an act of defiance for her enslavement in the fortress. She joins you once you talk to her. Her moves are Body Slam, Bomb for an explosion on one enemy, Power Bomb for an explosion on all ground enemies, and Mega Bomb: an explosion on all enemies on screen. Each bomb technique works the same, rapidly pressing the A button, but it is increasingly difficult to do as the move's attack and range increases. When not in battle, Bombette can be placed near cracks in walls or near enemies to blow them to smitherines. This can open up new paths or start battles at an advantage. She walks a few steps before exploding, giving Mario a chance to stand clear of the potentially harmful blast.
  • Parakarry - Parakarry is a mail-delivering Parakoopa. You meet him at Mt. Rugged after he loses all his letters (across the globe too, I might add... silly bird). He joins your team once you recover all the letters he lost. His moves are Sky Dive: a flying kick, Shell Shot: a shell flying bash, Air Lift: where Parakarry can lift a single enemy off the screen (not effective against bosses), and Air Raid: a move where he goes into his shell and flies around everywhere hurting all enemies. When not in battle, Parakarry can lift Mario over large gaps he can't normally jump over.
  • Bow - Lady Bow is a boo princess that you meet at Boo Mansion. This bratty heiress cuts a deal with Mario and claims to 'temporarily' join the team. Her first move is Smack, where she flies up to a single enemy and slaps them silly but the attack is weak. Although it hits by six, it's six total, so if the enemy has any defence at all, she will smack them six times without damage. Her second move, Outta Sight, makes Mario invisible for a single turn so he is free from harm. Unfortunately, this renders her unable to attack the next turn, leaving Mario on his own. Her third move, Spook, scares all enemies, sometimes successfully chasing them from the arena. Her last move, Fan Smack, is the same as her first, only she smacks a single enemy with her fan. The attack level is increased to 2 instead of 1 so that it attacks by a total of 12. It's highly effective against enemies with little to no defence. When not in battle, Bow can hide Mario from enemies by hovering over him and making him invisible. Not only can she avoid battles this way, but it also helps avoid obstacles like rings of fire or spikes in the flooring.
  • Watt - After fighting The Big Lantern Ghost in Shy Guy's Toybox, his lantern is broken and this little spit fire is released. Although she's a baby, she packs quite a punch. Her first move, Electro Dash, body slams an enemy, piercing their defences. Her second move, Power Shock, shocks a single enemy and can potentially paralyze them. Her third move, Turbo Charge, can boost Mario's attack power. Watt's last move, Mega Shock, shocks all enemies with a higher chance of paralyzing them. When not in battle, Watt can be held by Mario to light up dark areas or reveal hidden item boxes.
  • Sushie - Sushie is a Cheep-Cheep that you meet at Yoshi's Island. She joins you when you want to help her find all the little Yoshi babies, considering they are her responsibility becuase she is their babysitter. Her first move, Belly Flop, is a generic attack where she throws herself on a single enemy. Her second move, Squirt, shoots a beam of water at a single enemy. Her thrid move, Water Block, encases Mario in a cube of water, increasing his defence against fire type enemies. Her last move, Tidal Wave, lays a blanket of water over all enemies. It's highly effective on fire types. When not in battle, Mario can hop on top of Sushie at a dock and jump into the water to use her as a boat. She can dive to obtain coins, star pieces, etc. and to go under bridges and obstacles. Mario can only get off of Sushie at another dock.
  • Lakilester - Lakilester, a.k.a "Spike", is a Lakitu you meet in Flower Fields. One of the many henchmen of Huff 'N Puff, Lakilester joins you after gaining respect for how 'tough' and 'cool' Mario is after beating 'Spike' in battle. Lakilester throws a spiny from a safe distance for his first move, Spiny Flip. His second move, Spiny Surge, throws tons of spinies to rain down on all enemies. Cloud Nine, his third move, encases Mario in a cloud, making him sometimes invulnerable to any and all attacks. His last move, Hurricane, blows enemies from the area but it's not always successful. When not in battle, Lakilester can carry Mario safely over dangerous floors from spikes to lava. Not water though; that's Sushie's job.

Above are all of the partners you will recieve in the game. They all are useful in their own unique ways.

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