New Super Mario Bros.

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New Super Mario Bros.

North American Box Art

Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo DS
Release Date(s) N. America: May 15, 06

Europe: Jun 30, 06
Japan: May 25, 06 Australia: Jun 8, 06

Genre Platformer
Rating (E) Everyone


[edit] Storyline

Mario and Peach are walking near Peach's Castle, enjoying the beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. However, as they pass the castle, they both notice a storm cloud appear above it. The storm cloud sends several thunderbolts to the castle. As the castle is smoking and several enemies appear in front of the mighty abode, Mario runs to the castle to see what's happening. Yet when Mario looks back, he notices that Bowser Jr. has kidnapped the Princess! As the story unfolds, you chase the infant Koopa Prince in order to get back Peach.

[edit] Background

Nintendo returns to the side-scrolling version of Mario, with a completely redone version of Super Mario Bros.! Run around battling Goombas, Koopas, bosses galore, as either Mario or Luigi, in order to save the Princess Peach. Along the way, collect Star Coins to unlock various upgrades and stages... and maybe warp cannons to places farther in the game! Both screens are utilized in this game: the top screen blends the 3D nearby environment with a lovely 2D background, and also displays how much time is in the stage, and how many coins you have. Meanwhile, the bottom screen shows your power-up that's stored, where you are in the stage, what stage it is, and your life meter.

[edit] Features

  • Eight unique worlds, filled with normal stages, Boo Houses, towers, and boss castles.
  • Three save files, so two other people can play their own game.
  • A large assortment of minigames - some recycled from Super Mario 64 DS, others brand new to the game.

[edit] Gameplay

The gameplay for New Super Mario Bros. is based off of Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3; hence the title, New Super Mario Bros. It also takes some elements from Super Mario 64, such as the wall-jumping and the triple jump. Just as the previous games, New Super Mario Bros. is a sidescroller, though it brings something fresh on the table by mixing 2D and 3D. It also shows absolutely new levels and map layout.

As you play the game, there are large tokens you can find in a level called Star Coins, which are coins you get to spend on areas and backgrounds once you beat the game. There are 3 star coins in every level. When you obtain every Star Coin available in one level, on the World Map, it will say in the corner of the screen a notification that all the coins are cleared. Throughout the game, Star Coins can accumulate, and you may spend them on Item Houses, new pathways, and sometimes, even new levels. Furthermore, if you'll notice the touch screen in a level, it has a certain background. Once you beat Bowser and Bowser Jr. in the last castle, a Background House will appear at the starting line in World 1. There, you can buy new backgrounds for your touch screen at 20 Star Coins a piece. Once you are nearly finished with the game, a new background will appear in the house, which you can spend your final 20 Star Coins on. It is then that you've obtained the third star for your file, and you've finished the game.

As mentioned previously, Item Houses will show up throughout the game. There are three types of houses: normal Item Houses, 1up Houses, and Mega Houses. Item Houses provide you with a randomizing box that, when you time it just right, will give you your choice of a mushroom, flower, shell, or micro. In the 1up House, you are given seven blocks. Several blocks contain 1ups, one contains two or three 1ups, another multiplies your current stock of 1ups by two, and the last is a Bowser block, which stops you from getting more 1ups, and then gives you all the 1ups you've accumulated. The final house is the Mega House, which always gives you a Mega Mushroom when you hit the large block. These houses can be found by completing the secret ending to a level in which the level clear theme from Super Mario Brothers plays (including fireworks), or by buying them for 3 Star Coins.

[edit] Characters

Mario is the main hero of the game, and the older of the two brothers.
He is the younger brother, he is the taller one though. He is also Mario's side-kick and is a playable character, alongside Mario.
This is Mario's girlfriend. Bowser Jr. kidnaps her and Mario (or Luigi) must save her.
He only appears in mini games, and is Mario's rival.
He appears in mini games and is Mario's friend.
He is Mario's main enemy. While he doesn't kidnap Peach in this game like he does in most of the others, he is fought as a boss three times in the game, at the end of World 1, then half-way into World 8 (as Dry Bowser) and again at the end of World 8, alongside Bowser Jr. as the final bosses of the game.
Bowser Jr.:
He kidnaps Peach this time instead of his father, Bowser. He is fought as a boss at least once in every World.

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