New Super Luigi U

New Super Luigi Bros. U
NA Boxart New Super Luigi U.png
North American Boxart
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
System Nintendo Wii U
Release Date Digital Download

Japan: June 19, 2013
North America: June 20, 2013
Europe: June 20, 2013
Australia: July 21,2013
Japan: July 13, 2013
Europe: July 26, 2013
Australia: July 27, 2013
North America: August 25, 2013

Genre Side-Scrolling Platformer

New Super Luigi U is an expansion pack for the Wii U title New Super Mario Bros. U that celebrates the Year of Luigi. It was announced during the February 14th, 2013, Nintendo Direct. This game features Nabbit as a playable character(to replace Mario) alongside Luigi, Yellow Toad, and Blue Toad. Challenge Mode, Boost Rush, and Coin Battle from the original does not appear in this game.

The game was released onto the Wii U e-Shop and purchased by accessing via an internet connection. You're required to have a retail copy of New Super Mario Bros. U. Although, Nintendo is also releasing a retail copy of New Super Luigi U that does not require New Super Mario Bros. U at a later date.

[edit] GamePlay

New Super Luigi U will feature Luigi with a higher jump and traction similarly to his play style in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. The game is made to be more difficult by designing the levels to accommodate Luigi's abilities, as well as giving the player only 100 seconds to complete the levels. Star Coins return in this game.

[edit] World Map

The World Map will remain the same as New Super Mario Bros. U. Each level receives a new title and is redesigned around Luigi's abilities. The enemy courses and bosses remain the same. The Red Toad Houses now offer 1-Up Mushrooms along with the items from the original game.

[edit] Levels

New Super Luigi U will feature 80+ new courses that will replace the courses from New Super Mario Bros. U. The following Worlds are:

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