Mystery Land

Mystery Land
Mystery Land.gif

The logo used for the Mystery Land board map.

Game board is in Mario Party 2
Difficulty Level Medium
Star Space type Standard
 ? Space Effect Warps a player to another area on the board other than the one they are on at that time.
Availability Available from the start.

Mystery Land is one of the board maps in Mario Party 2. The board is made up of ancient ruins that are divided into four different areas. Every time a player lands on a ? Space, they will end up being warped to another area of the board instantly. In the center of each area, there is a UFO Landing pad. Player's can pay 10 coins to have a Bob-omb UFO take them to another area. Players may also visit Shy Guy's Curse House. Like the name implies, players can lay a curse on someone else for the cost of 5 coins. The curse will limit the afflicted player's next Dice Block roll to a number between 1-3. This is just like the Poison Mushroom would work in future installments of the Mario Party Series. The Item Mini-Game here is Mallet-Go-Round and the Duel Mini-Game is Psychic Safari.

Just before Toad is able to announce the Super Star of the game, a red Koopa Troopa comes to alert everyone that the treasure has been located. A cutscene ensues where a green Koopa Troopa is looking at a golden Bob-omb statue. At that time, the board's villain, Bowser Sphinx shows up to present Koopa with a riddle. Koopa guesses that the shadowy face is a cow, but this is incorrect and Bowser turns him into a solid rock as punishment. Then, the winner shows up to confront Bowser. Bowser presents the same shadow riddle that he just presented Koopa. The player thinks for a short time before coming up with the correct answer that the shadowy face is, indeed, Bowser's. Bowser Sphinx's consequence of someone guessng is riddle correctly is to disappear. It is then revealed that the golden Bob-omb statue was holding a trapped alien. The other aliens show up to then take their comrade to their spaceship and they fly off. The player is then congratulated by Toad, Koopa, and the other players for a job well done. Strangely enough, even though Bowser Sphinx disappears after the winner guesses his riddle correctly, Koopa's curse is not lifted as it should have been.

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