Mr. Blizzard

Mr. Blizzard
Mr. Blizzard as he appears in Super Mario 64.


[edit] Appearance

Mr. Blizzard is a medium sized snowman who appears as an enemy in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS . His role is to pop out of the snow when Mario gets close, and to throw snow balls at him, or he can also jump around trying to land on Mario but this is very rare. Being hit by a snow ball does not take that much life, and they can be avoided pretty easy.

[edit] Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS

In both of these games Mr. Blizzard`s roles are the same to pop out of the snow and throw snowballs at Mario. The levels he appears in are Cool Cool Mountain and Snowman's Land. Only one time throughout both games he can be found out of the snow and jumping up and down, the one time this occurs is at Cool Cool Mountain where there are two Mr. Blizzards jumping up and down on a thin bridge. Mario must walk under them while they are up in the air to avoid them, or punch them to defeat them. All Mr. Blizzards can be defeated with a punch but they cannot be jumped on.

[edit] Mario Kart Series

Mr. Blizzard makes an occurrence in the Mario Kart Series as an obstacle. In Mario Kart 64 Mr. Blizzards can be seen throughout the course Frappe Snowland and when hit causes the kart to flip slowing you down. This course also appeared as a retro course for Mario Kart DS where he appeared in the same locations on the course. He also is seen in the Mario Kart DS track DK Pass where he plays the same role as before but he is not as common throughout the course. Again crashing into him will result in flipping, thus slowing you down.

[edit] Mario Party Series

He also appears in the Mario Party Series as an Orb or as an obstacle in minigames. When a player creates a space on the board with his Orb and someone else lands on it, that player will lose all of their orbs. The only mingame he makes a main appearance in is Mr. Blizzard's Brigade from Mario Party 4, where the players must survive his snowball attack. The last one standing wins.

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