Mount Beanpole

Mount Beanpole
World 1-3 (Mount Beanpole).png

World World 1
Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Previous Course Chargin' Chuck Blockade
Next Course Plessie's Plunging Falls

or Switch Scramble Circus

Mount Beanpole or World 1-3 is the third course of World 1 in Super Mario 3D World. This course takes place in the sky and it involves the player platforming their way through a tall mountain. Cat Goombas make their first appearance in this stage. They will jump and dive towards you, as you approach them. The other enemy that appears is the large sized Piranha Plant near the end of the course, which you must defeat to move on. The first Coin Heaven of the game also makes a debut here, although the Super Bell is required to reach it. Completing the course will open up the path to both World 1-4, Plessie's Plunging Falls and World 1-5, Switch Scramble Circus.

[edit] Green Stars Location

  • Green Star 1: At the very beginning, climb the Yellow Bell Tree on your left. The Green Star awaits at the top.
  • Green Star 2: You'll notice a set of Brick Blocks, as well as a Pow Block on a wall. Destroy them to reveal a hidden Warp Pipe. Head inside and in the next room, hit the P Switch and successfully collect all of the Blue Coins to reveal the second Green Star.
  • Green Star 3: Cat Mario is required to obtain the final Green Star. Near the end of the course, before the wooden bridge leading to the Piranha Plant, climb the nearby wall on the left. At the top, you'll see a cat symbol, which you must repeatedly attack. Doing so, will cause a pillar to rise. Climb the pillar to reach the cloud, sending you to the Coin Heaven, where you can grab the Green Star at the end.

[edit] Stamp Location

Near the area of the second Green Star, towards the right, the Stamp is shown in midair. You can use Cat Mario to reach the stamp or simply wall jump.

[edit] Enemies

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