Mob Sleds

Mob Sleds
Mob Sleds.png
Mob Sleds from Mario Party 9

Mob Sleds is a 1-vs-Rivals mini-game in Mario Party 9. This game can be played in 1-vs-3 or 1-vs-2 mode but always consists of the same thing. The objective of the game is for the two or three players to hit the single player with their Cooligan sleds. The sleds are on a track so they have somewhat restricted mobility while the single player can freely run around. However the single player will slide on the ice making them harder to handle. If the single player can out last the others he or she wins, if one of the two or three players hits the single player with their sled they all win.

[edit] Perspective Mode

Players can also play this game in Perspective Mode as the single player only. In this mode the camera is positioned right behind the character giving it a third or first person look. This makes the game more difficult because the player can't see the sleds coming at them very well.

[edit] Controls

The two or three players hold the wii remote sideways and press the control pad to direct their sleds were they wan't them to go while they automatically move along the tracks. The single player also holds the wii remote sideways and uses the control pad to move.

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