Miracle Space

Miracle Space
Fortune Space.png
Miracle Space/Chance Time Space as seen in Mario Party 6.
Effect Triggers a Chance Time Event
First Appearance Mario Party
Latest Appearance Mario Party 6


[edit] Space Info

Miracle Spaces are one of the rarer spaces in the Mario Party series. When players land on this place, they will start a Chance Time event, which can majorly effect the outcome of the entire game. This event usually involves the selection of two characters and the outcome of the event. The different outcomes can range from, one player giving multiple coins and/or Stars, to players trading coins and/or Stars.

[edit] Mario Party and Mario Party 2

In these two games, the space is known as Chance Time Space. It is presented as a space with an exclamation mark. Both games Chance Time event play very similar. It involves a player choosing three Blocks that move faster from the previous Block you hit. Two of the Blocks, when hit, will show the two characters who will be affected. The Block in the middle will determine the outcome.

[edit] Mario Party 3

Although this space is still known as Chance Time Space and is presented as a space with an exclamation mark, the event plays differently than it's predecessor. In the event, there are three moving pictures, in which there is one player who is always the giver, one player who is always the receiver, and the outcome that will be determined. The player that triggered the event must hit a Block that stops each of the pictures to reveal the outcome.

[edit] Mario Party 4

In this game, this space was known as the Fortune Space and is presented as a space with a Rainbow star. The player who landed on the space will be taken to an area to play Reversal of Fortune. Just as the previous games, the one who triggered the event must choose the two players who will be giving/receiving, and the outcome, but it is done in the form of pinball. The first and second pinball tables chooses the two characters who will be affected and the final pinball table determines the outcome.

[edit] Mario Party 5

There is no fixed Miracle Space on the board maps. You have to create the space using a Chance Capsule. Similar to the previous games, two characters will be selected, and the outcome will be determined among the two characters selected.

[edit] Mario Party 6

This is the game where this space is known by it's current name, the Miracle Space and it's the most recent Mario Party game to include this space. It's presented as a space with a green star. When landing on this space, the player plays an event called the Round of Miracles. Similar to previous Mario Party games, the player must choose two people who will be affected, and the outcome by hitting a Block to stop the picture.

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