Mini Star

Mini Star
Appears In Mario Party 9
Effect Adds a Mini Star to players Mini Star count.

The Mini Star is a small, light-colored rainbow star that is first introduced in Mario Party 9. These stars are similar to Coins from the previous Mario Party installments as the players will have to collect these stars in order to advance through the stages. When a Mini Star is collected, they will add to their Mini Star total.

During the solo mode of the game, Bowser and Bowser Jr. would be seen using a vacuum-like machine that will suck up the Mini Stars from outer space and put them to good use. Mario and friends would set out to rescue them.

This game would also introduce the Mini Stars counterpart, the Mini Ztars. They would have the opposite function as the Mini Star as they will deduct from the players Mini Star count instead of increasing it. After a minigame has ended, players are awarded a certain amount of Mini Stars depending on what place they get. Captains will receive a "Captain Bonus" after a boss battle and the better placement of the captain, will give them more Mini Stars. If a player lands on a Mini Star Space, they will receive more Mini Stars. Captain Events will also revolve around players gaining Mini Stars from the board-specific events. Players will most often collect Mini Stars that are found on the board as they will be grouped in either three, five or ten.

Players will receive Mini Stars at the end of each stage for each Bonus Mini Star given out. These Bonus Mini Stars will give a player five Mini Stars.

They would not appear on the DK's Jungle Ruins as they would be replaced by Bananas. The same would happen with Mini Ztars.

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