Mini Bomb Kart

Mini Bomb Kart
Mini Bomb Kart, as seen in Mario Kart 64.
Appearances Mario Kart 64

Mini Bomb Karts are bomb-like objects that are found in Mario Kart 64. They would appear on two separate occasions in the game. They are first seen in the VS mode, and they would serve as obstacles on the tracks. Second, when a player loses all of their Balloons in Battle Mode and if there are two players left, they will turn into a Mini Bomb Kart. The player is still able to drive around the stage even if they have lost. If they collide with another driver, they will explode and take a Balloon off that player. After the player has exploded, the Mini Bomb Kart will disappear and the player can no longer take part in the Battle.

During Grand Prix, when a player places fourth place at the end, they will drive away from the victory celebration. A Mini Bomb Kart also appears and rams into the player and explodes.

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