Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2
Mario vs donkey kong 2 frontcover.jpg

The North American box art for Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2

Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo DS
Release Dates NA Release Date: September 25, 2006

JPN Release Date: April 12, 2007
EU Release Date: March 9, 2007
AU Release Date:January 18, 2007

Genre Puzzle
Rating (E) Everyone


[edit] Story

The game begins with Mario opening his own amusement park called “Super Mini Mario World”. At the grand opening, he and the guest of honor Pauline open the park along side Mini-Peaches, Mini-Toads and Mini-Donkey Kong. When Donkey Kong sees her, he attempts to give her a Mini Donkey Kong toy as a present, but she ignores him. Instead, she takes the Mini Mario from Mario. Donkey Kong becomes angry and kidnaps Pauline. He takes her into the elevator and up to the roof. Mario is unable to follow, and sends the Mini Marios in through a little entrance to save her.

[edit] Game-play

Using a Lemmings style of game-play, Mario vs Donkey Kong uses the touch screen to move. The player uses the touch screen to influence things in the level, like pushing buttons or grabbing items.

[edit] Characters

  • Playable Mini-Mario: The main character you play throughout the game. Minis are small robotic toys that act at your command. They aren't that durable, and they only have one hit until they die.
  • Mini-Toad: After you have beaten 3 Mini-game, you unlock Mini-Toad. He can only be used on custom levels.
  • Mini-Peach: She is unlocked by beating 6 Mini-games. She can only be used on custom levels.
  • Mini-Donkey Kong: Unlock him by beating all 8 Mini-games. He can only be used on custom levels.
  • Non-Playable Mario: He guides the Minis through the mazes.
  • Pauline: She gets stolen by DK and is taken to the Roof.
  • Donkey Kong: He steals Pauline after getting his heart broken by her. He takes her to the Roof and he is every single boss you fight.
  • Toads: They are the employee's at Mario's Theme Park.

[edit] Controls

[edit] Stylus Controls

  • Turning on the Mini: Tap them. They won't turn on until they are killed, tapped, or walked into by another Mini.
  • Move: Move the stylus over the Mini either left of right.
  • Stopping: Tap the Mini Multi-Move: Drag your stylus left or right across multiple nearby Minis
  • Jump (While stopped): Move the stylus from the Mini's feet to above their head to make them jump.
  • Long Jump: Move the stylus from the feet to above him to make him jump but do this while they are moving. It causes them to jump across one square.
  • Block Jump: Minis will automatically jump up one block as they walk into them.
  • Turn Around: Make your Mini walk into a wall/Mini or by drag the stylus opposite of where they are going

[edit] DS Pad Controls

  • D-Pad - Move camera
  • Button Pad – See above (X is up, Y is left, B is down and A is right)
  • Start - Pause
  • Select – Nothing

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Normal Enemies

  • Flame Plants: Also known as Fire Piranha Plants. They spit out fire to burn you.
  • Shy Guy: If you touch their sides you die.
  • Chucking Congs: If caught in their path, they will throw you around.
  • Blooper: They are scared of Minis and will jump when a Mini gets close to one. They are opposite of Thowmps. They rise fast and fall slow.
  • Claw Crabs: They move back and forth and shoot their robotic claws at you.
  • Capture Congs: These white apes walk back and forth and kidnap your Minis. To free kidnapped minis just stun the Cong. They are pretty slow.
  • Thwomp: They hate being taunted, and if you do, they will crash down. They are the opposite of Bloopers. They fall fast and rise slow. *Clapping Congs: These push you around, off cliffs, into walls or into water.
  • Shock Orb: These enemies shock you when you get to close. At the start of the level, they generate from this grey box with a lightning bolt on it.
  • Carrier Cong: Their head are flat and their tie is hanging off the ledge. Their flat head can be used for standing on and the tie can be used for hanging on. They can hold onto two Minis at once.

[edit] Bosses

Every level has a boss, which is always DK. Each level, he becomes steadily harder to beat.

[edit] Items

  • Pink Blocks
  • Yellow Trampolines
  • Elevator
  • Hammer
  • Switch Wall
  • Moving Water Bridge
  • Warp Pipe
  • Fire Flower
  • Crumbling Floor
  • Rotating Pipes (Type L)
  • Water Pipes
  • Rotating Pipes (Type I)
  • Magnetic Floors
  • Spin Bar
  • Magnetic Spin Floors
  • Donuts

[edit] Features

  • Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Connection
  • Level Editor
  • DS Download Station
  • 8 Mini-Games to play

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