Mario Tennis Series

Mario Tennis Series
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First game Mario Tennis 64
Latest game Mario Tennis Open 3DS

Nintendo has released six Mario Tennis games which were released on the following consoles listed from oldest to most recant.

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[edit] Virtual Boy

The very first Mario Tennis game was released on the Virtual Boy in 1995. The game features regular tennis action with no mini-games of any sort. It's name is just Mario's Tennis.

Mario Tennis 64 box art

[edit] Nintendo 64

The second Mario Tennis game was released on the Nintendo 64 in 2000, and was also called Mario Tennis but is more well known as Mario Tennis 64. This game was the first to feature expedition modes and or tournament modes for players to compete in. It is also the first to feature special games such as Ring Shot.

Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color) box art

[edit] Game Boy Color

The third game released is Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color) which was also released in 2000 along with Mario Tennis 64. Overall it is very similar to Mario Tennis 64 and the games can even be ported. This game features tournament mode along with tennis themed mini-games.

Mario Power Tennis box art

[edit] Nintendo Game Cube

Mario Power Tennis is fourth game in the series and the first for the Nintendo Game cube, and was released in 2004. This game features several new characters and courts. This game also introduced gimmick courts to the series, or courts in which events happen during game play. The events typically will hinder the players making the game more difficult. This game also has special games such as Ring Shot. This game was released for the Nintendo Wii with new motion controls.

Mario Tennis: Power Tour box art

[edit] Game Boy Advance

The fifth game in the series was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2005, and was called Mario Tennis: Power Tour. Overall it is very similar to Mario Power Tennis but with a drastically different character line up. It is the first Mario Tennis Series game to feature non Mario Series characters.

Mario Tennis Open box art

[edit] Nintendo 3DS

The last game to be released in the series so far is Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS released in 2012. This game feature's new characters, courts, and special games such as Ring Shot return. This game is also the first to feature online or wi-fi compatible multiplayer modes. A big new feature to this game is the ability to use your Mii and even dress it in costume tennis outfits which can be unlocked, and bought.

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