Mario Tennis Open

Mario Tennis Open
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Developer Camelot
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s) North America: May 20, 2012
Japan: May 24, 2012
Europe: May 24, 2012
Australia; May 25, 2012
Genre Sport

Mario Tennis Open is a Mario title on the Nintendo 3DS that was released on May 20th 2012 in North America, in Japan and Europe on May 24th and May 25th in Australia. It will feature gyroscope support and online multiplayer.


[edit] GamePlay

Mario Tennis Open features the traditional elements that were seen in past Mario Tennis games, utilizing the buttons of the 3DS during single and multiplayer matches. Players will have to earn points by hitting the ball into the other side of the court and have it bounce twice, the same as it is in real tennis. Players will earn 15 points for every shot that is successful and will win the set, game, or match when they reach 60 points. The set and game points can be altered by the player in exhibition mode though tournament will stay the same,

[edit] Menu Controls

  • Circle Pad or D-Pad will move the cursor.
  • A Button will confirm the command.
  • B Button will cancel command, transition back to previous menu screen. And when a player wins an exhibition match, they can use it to return to the main menu.
  • Start Button - During the match will pause the game and open a menu with choices for viewing game rules, gyroscope controls, re-do matches, or cancelling matches.
  • L will toggle the character's dominant hand.
  • R Button will toggle between the characters star rank.

[edit] Game Controls

  • Circle Pad or D-Pad moves the character.
  • A button performs the topspin shot.
  • B button performs the slice shot. This will also restart an replay at another angle.
  • X Button performs a simple shot.
  • Y Button performs a flat shot.
  • A then B Button performs a lob shot.
  • B then A Button performs a drop shot. Also will make the character perform a taunt and make their next shot stronger.
  • L Button is used for when a player is charging a ball and is able to cancel it. It lets the partner know the player will hit the ball by saying "Got it".
  • R Button is used for when the character is serving and will cycle through the three shot panel.

[edit] Chance Shots

Chance Shots are a type of shot that only appear when the opponent performs a bad rebound. When this happens, a small colored area will appear on the players side with a symbol of an item or enemy. The color of the symbol will match the color of the panels on the touch screen. To be able to perform one of these chance shots, the player will need to press the correct button, button combination or touching the matching color on the touch screen. If they do not, it will be a regular shot.

Those players who are on the receiving end of the Chance Shot, will experience side effects that may hinder them. They however, could lessen the effect by pressing the correct opposite shot.

Here is a list of the Chance Shots and their effects:

Color Icon Effect
Red Fire Flower Creates a flame shot. When an opponent hits this shot, they will be pushed back drastically.
Blue Blooper Creates a high curve ball with a blue sparkling trail. The opponent will spin out of control when they hit this.
Purple Star Creates a Smash Shot.
Yellow Cheep-Cheep Creates a curving extreme lob that will bounce at the back edge of the court.
Gray Bob-omb Lower drop shot that a normal drop shot.

[edit] Game Modes

[edit] Exhibition Mode

Like in the past Mario Tennis games, the exhibition mode is the versus mode of the game. Players are able to pick between singles or doubles match and choose their character and opponents. The can change their hand dominance or star rank. The opponent's CPU difficulty is also chosen after than and will right from easiest to hardest: Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Pro, and Ace. After this, the court will have to be chosen then they can determine the games and sets. Then the match will start.

[edit] Tournament Mode

The Tournament Mode of the game is like the past tournament modes in the Mario Tennis game. This Tournament Mode will have a total of eight cups and the arrangement of the cups are changed. Players can only play in the second set of the cups after the character has a star ranking. This can be done by beating Champions Cup. During Doubles Tournament, only the character they control will get the star rank. When the Champions Cup has been completed, the Pro Difficulty is unlocked. The Final Cup will unlock the Ace difficulty.

After the Cup has been unlocked, players can play them at any time, no matter what character is used. Players will not have to complete the first three cups to beat special cup and earn the Star Rank like previous titles.

Tournament mode is very similar to the tournament mode in the previous Mario Tennis games. However, two more cups are added and the arrangement of the cups are different. Players must have a star ranking to participate in the second set of cups. They can achieve this by beating Special Cup. However, in the Doubles Tournament, only the character they control earns the star rank. Beating Champions Cup unlocks the Pro difficulty, which is more difficult than Expert, while Final Cup unlocks the most difficult COM difficulty for Exhibition Mode, the Ace difficulty.

Once the player has unlocked a cup, he or she can play that cup at any time, no matter what character is being used. As a result, characters do not have to clear all three cups to beat the Special Cup to earn the Star Rank, unlike in the previous titles.

[edit] Special Games

The final game mode is the Special Game mode. These games will have special rules and features added to them that normal gameplay will not have. Some of these modes will be similar to previous Mario titles. Ring Shot will now be included in Special Games instead of an option in Exhibition Mode. Each Special game will have four difficulties and are named according to the special game.

Players will have to unlock each difficulty by beating the previous. They can unlock characters from completing the third level of each Special Game and unlock outfits for their Mii with meeting the requirements in the 4th difficulty.

Here are the four Special Games:

[edit] Characters

[edit] Playable Characters

[edit] QR Downloadable Characters

[edit] Non-Playable Characters

[edit] Courts

There are 8 courts in Mario Tennis Open.

[edit] Tennis Gear

[edit] Rackets

Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost
Mario 1000 Daisy 1000 Super Mushroom 1000 Chain Chomp 1000 Magikoopa 1750 Fire Mario 1150
Luigi 1550 Diddy Kong 1200 Fire Flower 1200 Thwomp 1200 Toad 1150 Propeller Mario 1750
Peach 1200 Luma 2950 Ice Flower 1400 Bob-omb 1000 Goomba 900 Bee Mario 1300
Yoshi 1100 Boo 1650 Super Star 4000 Bullet Bill 950 Koopa Troopa 1300 Cloud Mario 1800
Wario 1150 Bowser Jr. 1250 Banana 1750 Blooper 4200 Shy Guy 1750 Tanooki Mario 1550
Waluigi 1550 Dry Bowser 1200 Lightning 1200 Cheep-Cheep 1400 Birdo 1250 Metal Mario 1750
Bowser 1200 Green Shell 900 POW Block 1000 Lakitu 950 Wiggler 1200 Baby Mario 1200
Donkey Kong 1200 Red Shell 1600 ? Block 1400 Hammer Bros. 1200 Petey Piranha 1200 Baby Peach 1200

[edit] Uniforms

Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost
Mario 800 Daisy 700 Super Mushroom 900 Chain Chomp 1000 Magikoopa 700
Luigi 1100 Diddy Kong 900 Fire Flower 900 Thwomp 900 Red Yoshi 900
Peach 900 Luma 1700 Ice Flower 950 Bob-omb 850 [Blue Yoshi]] 900
Yoshi 900 Boo 950 Super Star 1350 Bullet Bill 900 Light Blue Yoshi 900
Wario 900 Bowser Jr. 900 Banana 700 Blooper 1150 Yellow Yoshi 900
Waluigi 1150 Dry Bowser 950 Lightning 900 Cheep-Cheep 700 Pink Yoshi 900
Bowser 1900 Green Shell 800 POW Block 850 Lakitu 900 White Yoshi 800
Donkey Kong 950 Red Shell 1100 ? Block 850 Hammer Bros. 900 Black Yoshi 900

[edit] Wristbands

Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost
Mario 250 Daisy 250 Super Mushroom 250 Chain Chomp 250 Magikoopa 700
Luigi 700 Diddy Kong 400 Fire Flower 400 Thwomp 400 Red Yoshi 400
Peach 400 Luma 1450 Ice Flower 550 Bob-omb 350 [Blue Yoshi]] 300
Yoshi 300 Boo 900 Super Star 700 Bullet Bill 200 Light Blue Yoshi 300
Wario 350 Bowser Jr. 400 Banana 700 Blooper 2050 Yellow Yoshi 350
Waluigi 700 Dry Bowser 400 Lightning 400 Cheep-Cheep 550 Pink Yoshi 400
Bowser 400 Green Shell 100 POW Block 300 Lakitu 250 White Yoshi 400
Donkey Kong 400 Red Shell 800 ? Block 500 Hammer Bros. 400 Black Yoshi 250

[edit] Shoes

Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost
Mario 800 Daisy 600 Super Mushroom 700 Chain Chomp 850 Magikoopa 600
Luigi 650 Diddy Kong 650 Fire Flower 700 Thwomp 550 Red Yoshi 800
Peach 800 Luma 1350 Ice Flower 800 Bob-omb 550 [Blue Yoshi]] 850
Yoshi 850 Boo 950 Super Star 900 Bullet Bill 800 Light Blue Yoshi 850
Wario 600 Bowser Jr. 850 Banana 650 Blooper 900 Yellow Yoshi 600
Waluigi 700 Dry Bowser 600 Lightning 650 Cheep-Cheep 550 Pink Yoshi 800
Bowser 600 Green Shell 850 POW Block 600 Lakitu 2400 White Yoshi 700
Donkey Kong 600 Red Shell 850 ? Block 600 Hammer Bros. 600 Black Yoshi 800

[edit] Costumes

Costumes are used to customize the player's Mii character. These costumes are unlocked by the player reaching a certain requirement. These costumes will increase the Mii's stats like the other outfits do.

  • Mario (Beat Star Tournament in singles)
  • Luigi (Beat Star Tournament in doubles)
  • Peach (Collect 800 points in Ring Shot)
  • Daisy (Collect 700 points in Ring Shot with another player)
  • Bowser (Collect 50 victory medals/beat 50 people online)
  • Bowser Jr (Collect 20 victory medals/beat 20 people online)
  • Yoshi (Scan the QR Code)
  • Luma (Collect 1500 coins in the Galaxy Rally Challenge Special Game)
  • Donkey Kong (Meet 50 Mii characters via Streetpass)
  • Diddy Kong (Meet 20 Mii characters via Streetpass)
  • Wario (Collect 800 Coins in Super Mario Tennis Level 1-4)
  • Waluigi (Collect 800 Coins in Super Mario Tennis Level 2-4 (accessible with local multiplayer))
  • Boo (Buy 100 different items in the item shop)
  • Dry Bowser (Collect 100 victory medals/beat 100 people online)
  • Bee Mario (Turn eight characters into star characters)
  • Fire Mario(Turn two characters into star characters)
  • Cloud Mario (Turn ten characters into star characters)
  • Propeller Mario (Turn five characters into star characters)
  • Tanooki Mario (Turn fifteen characters into star characters)
  • Birdo (Beat an Ace computer in exhibition)
  • Goomba (Add 100 items to the item shelf)
  • Petey Piranha (Reach 50 returns in the Ink Showdown Challenge)
  • Toad (Reach a total of 50000 coins)
  • Wiggler (Earn a total of 5000 points in Online Multiplayer Open matches)
  • Koopa Troopa (Win 10 consecutive Streetpass matches)
  • Shy Guy (Win 20 consecutive Streetpass matches)

[edit] Staff

Main article: Mario Tennis Open/Staff

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