Mario Super Sluggers


[edit] Background

Mario Super Sluggers (known as Super Mario Stadium Family Baseball in Japan and Super Mario Stadium Baseball as it's working title) is the sequel to Mario SuperStar Baseball, and was released for the Wii in the second half of 2008. The game was announced on October 9, 2007, at a Nintendo conference.

Mario Super Sluggers
Mario super sluggers frontcover.jpg

The North American box art for Mario Super Sluggers

Developer Namco Bandai, NOW Production
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo Wii
Release Dates Japan - June 19, 2008

North America - August 25, 2008

Genre Sport (Baseball)
Rating (E) Everyone

[edit] Gameplay

Mario Super Sluggers can be played using three different control methods:

  • Wii Remote (vertical)
  • Wii Remote (horizontal)
  • Wii Remote + Nunchuk combo

In order to bat or pitch, the A button must be held and then the Wii Remote must be swung at the appropriate time. The more precise the hit/pitch, the further/faster the ball will go. The player can do curve balls as well by twisting the Wii Remote, while pitching. Once the ball is in a fielder's hand, the Remote must be swung so that the fielder can pitch the ball at one of the basemen. Some fielders can throw fast balls or Laser Balls in order to get to one of the basemen faster.

[edit] Features

  • 9 Stadiums
  • 3 Different Styles of Gameplay
  • 43 Playable characters (Including using your Mii and some characters have different colors schemes to choose from)
  • Challenge Mode reappears from Mario SuperStar Baseball

[edit] Stadiums

[edit] Starting Stadiums

Image(s) Stadium Corresponding Mini-game
Sluggersmariostadium.jpg Mario Stadium Bob-omb Derby
Peach Ice Garden Wall Ball
SluggersYoshiParkNight.PNG Yoshi Park Piranha Panic
SluggersWarioFareDay.PNG Wario City Gem Catch
DK Jungle Barrel Basher

[edit] Unlockable Stadiums

Image(s) Stadium Corresponding Mini-game How To Unlock
SluggersMansion.jpg Luigi's Mansion Ghost K After opening up the Pirahna Shop in Mario Stadium, buy Luigi's Flashlight and Luigi's Mansion will open. The night setting has to be unlocked.
Daisy Cruiser Blooper Baserun After you open Toadworth's Shop in Peace Ice Garden, then buy a Cruiser Pass to play on the cruiser. But you need to have the night settings unlocked.
SluggersBowser jrs room.jpg Bowser Jr. Playroom Graffiti Runner Get 9 players by finding them in challenge mode stadiums and then beat Bowser Jr's team in "Bowser Jr. Playroom" one time and it will be unlocked.
SluggersBowser CastleMSS.PNG Bowser Castle Bowser Pinball Beat Bowser Jr.'s team then Bowser's team in Bowser Castle in Challenge Mode

[edit] Playable Characters

[edit] Unlockable Characters

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