Mario SuperStar Baseball

Mario SuperStar Baseball
Mario superstar baseball frontcover.jpg

The North American box art for Mario Superstar Baseball

Developer Namco
Publisher Nintendo
Platform GameCube
Release Dates Japan - July 21, 2005

North America - August 29, 2005
Europe - November 11, 2005

Genre Sport
Rating (E) Everyone


[edit] Summary

Mario and all of his buddies are here to play some baseball! This arcade-type experience will make this game an enjoyable one for anyone who decides to play it. You can even play America's pastime with a Mario twist with your up to three of your friends! Mario and baseball go together very well, making Mario Superstar Baseball a fun game to play for a very long time. Choose a team from many of Mario's pals and enemies and of course, try to win the baseball game. Whether you bat or field, it's all here!

[edit] Storyline

Bowser sends out an invitation to try and beat him to five baseball team leaders (Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Wario and Donkey Kong). You will have to go through and defeat all of the other characters in three inning games, then fight Bowser in a 5 inning game at the end. There are also little items that you can buy to help you throughout the game.

[edit] Features

  • Build your dream team from dozens of classic Nintendo characters Brilliant controls
  • Character-inspired fields with Chain-Chomps, Piranha Plants, rolling barrels and other challenges
  • Go yard in the Bob-Omb Derby, sharpen your skills in four other great minigames
  • Four-player zaniness on the wacky Toy Field

[edit] Controls

L: Reset batter or pitcher to default position
R: Press A while holding down to use star skills
Z: Not used
Control stick: Move
A: Throw Ball/ Swing Bat/Jump/ Throw to cut off while hold L
B: Check Runner, Bunt, Dash
X: Retreat runners
Y: Advance runners

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