Mario Sports Mix

Mario Sports Mix

North American Boxart.

Developer Nintendo, Square Enix
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo Wii
Release Date(s) North America: February 7, 2011
Japan: November 25, 2010
Europe: January 28, 2011
Australia: January 25, 2011
United Kingdom: February 4, 2001
Genre Sports
ERSB Rating Everyone
Players 1-4 players

Mario Sports Mix is a Mario sporting game on the Nintendo Wii. It features four different sports: hockey, basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball. It was developed by Square Enix, who also worked on Mario Hoops 3-on-3.

It was released in North America on February 7th, 2011 and on January 28th, 2011 in Europe.


[edit] Gameplay

In Mario Sports Mix, there is cooperative play that allows up to three players to play while four players can play in competitive play. Players will use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck control style for this game and they will need to move the Wii Remote to perform actions in this game, such as hitting a volleyball.

[edit] Basketball

Similar to the play style in Mario Hoops 3-on-3, the coins collected by the player along the way are added to their total score. There is a shot clock on the bottom-left hand corner of the screen that tells the characters they need to shoot the ball within the twenty-four second time limit. If a character sinks the ball in the net outside of the 3-point line then they get three points. Inside of the line, they will get two points. Special shots will always give the team three points. The coins collected during the game will also add to the score.

Players can defend, block, and drunk in this game.

[edit] Dodgeball

Dodgeball is played by throwing a ball at the other players on the other team. There are 2 teams that consist of 2 or 3 players with a colored Yoshi(red and blue depending on the team). Players will be given a Health Meter and will lose a health when they are hit. The colored Yoshi is excluded from being hit and can never be knocked out and they can't be controlled unless they have the ball. Once a player has lost all of their health, they are out and sent with Yoshi into the box. If the player hits another person, then they can exit the box and return to the match with a small portion of health.

In this mode, there are also items that are thrown on the court or used with the ball. Coins can also be collected and higher levels of stamina will be lost.

[edit] Hockey

Hockey will start off with a face-off to determine which team gains control of the puck first. The goalies are Shy Guys who will match the color of their team. When playing off the ice, players will use roller blades and can collect items by stepping on a ? Panel.

[edit] Volleyball

Volleyball will not have a time limit. a player can serve or spike the ball while avoiding obstacles given on certain stages. These obstacles will try to deflect the serves and hits from a player.

[edit] Special Abilities

Characters will be given specific abilities to use in Mario Sports Mix. On screen, there will be a meter that has to reach the top to use these attacks. These attacks will unleash a powerful move in the sport being played and can help a player win the game. It will change the gameplay of the sport and each ability is unique.

[edit] Characters

Mario Sports Mix has 19 playable characters to choose from. Certain Final Fantasy characters made appearances in the game. As well as Slime from the Dragon Quest series. Those characters are unlockable, while all the Mario characters are playable from start. Players can also unlock other colors for each character.

[edit] Courts

There are a total of fourteen courts in Mario Sports Mix. Four courts are from Mario Hoops 3-on-3. Each tournament will have three courts that can be played on.

[edit] Courts

[edit] Items

These items can be acquired by touching various ? Panels:

[edit] Game Modes

Mario Sports Mix has two game modes for each sport: Exhibition and Tournament. There will also be a tutorial video that the players can practice on to learn how to play each sport.

[edit] Exhibition Mode

Exhibition Mode will let a player to play any sport and change the rules to their liking. They can choose two or three characters for their team and what court to play on.

Not all characters or courts are playable from the start as the player will need to play several games in this mode to unlock them. They can also unlock alternate colors for characters by using a character a lot.

[edit] Tournament Mode

Tournament Mode will allow players to compete in three rounds to win a trophy. When a player wins a cup, they will earn one of the three crystals. Once all three cups are cleared for a sport, then it becomes a big crystal. And once all sport tournaments are completed, the player will fight Behemoth from the Final Fantasy Series.

When Star Cup has been completed for a sport, a Hard mode will be unlocked for that sport. Opponents will be more challenging and once winning the Star Cup on every sport, they will need to defeat King Behemoth. Defeating King Behemoth will unlock Expert Mode.

[edit] Alternate Routes

Players are able to replay tournaments to find alternate routes. Performing certain actions will find these routes. Players will not play normal matches, but missions instead and if they lose on the mission, they go back to normal tournament. But if they win the mission, they continue on. The road will split up often and sometimes lead them to other missions, events or normal tournament. If the player returns to normal tournament, they will have to start the tournament over.

The player will need to reach a thing called the Secret Final. The Secret Final is the last mission of the tournament. Failing this mission will not send them back to tournament but they can retry the mission. Once a player wins, they will earn the tournament cup. They will also have the chance to unlock characters, courts or character costumes.

Finding alternate routes on the Star Cup will result in the player traveling to Star Road. Star Road will have difficult missions and will get a message once they complete Star Road and get sent back to the third round of tournament against the Final Fantasy Team.

Defeating the Final Fantasy team will unlock a Final Fantasy character.

[edit] Party Games

There are four party games that can be played with up to four players.

Court Dodgeball Volleyball Basketball Hockey
Mario Stadium Mushroom Cup Mushroom Cup Mushroom Cup Mushroom Cup
Koopa Troopa Beach Mushroom Cup Mushroom Cup Mushroom Cup Extra
Peach's Castle Mushroom Cup Mushroom Cup Extra Mushroom Cup
DK Dock Flower Cup Flower Cup Mushroom Cup N/A
Toad Park Flower Cup N/A N/A Mushroom Cup
Luigi's Mansion N/A Flower Cup Flower Cup N/A
Western Junction Extra Extra Flower Cup Flower Cup
Daisy Garden Flower Cup N/A Flower Cup Flower Cup
Wario Factory Star Cup Flower Cup Extra Flower Cup
Bowser Jr. Blvd. N/A Star Cup Star Cup Star Cup
Bowser's Castle Star Cup Star Cup Star Cup Extra
Waluigi Pinball Extra Extra No Star Cup
Star Ship Star Cup Star Cup Star Cup Star Cup
Ghoulish Galleon Extra Extra Extra Extra

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