Mario Power Tennis

Mario Power Tennis

The North American box art for Mario Power Tennis

Developer Camelot Software Planning
Publisher Nintendo
Platform GameCube and Gameboy Advance
Release Dates Japan - October 28, 2004

North America - November 8, 2004
Europe - Feburary 25, 2005

Genre Sport
Rating (E) Everyone


[edit] Summary

Mario and his friends are here to play some Tennis. Train hard and become a master at the sport and advance through the story mode to unlock more of Mario's friends! Getting bored of the story mode? Get at least another friend over so you can play as your favorite Mario characters together on the GameCube!

[edit] Courts

Name Picture Gimmick Ball Speed Bounce Availability
Peach Dome Hard Court PeachDome.JPG A normal court with no gimmicks. Normal Strong Default
Peach Dome Clay Court PeachDomeClay.JPG A normal court with no gimmicks. Slow Weak Default
Peach Dome Grass Court PeachDomeGrass.jpg A normal court with no gimmicks. Fast Weak Default
Luigi's Mansion Court LuigisMansionCourt.jpg Ghosts will come and distract you. A ghost even occasionally throws a banana at you. Also, the light-bulb tile on the opposing court removes all the ghosts. Fast Normal Default
Wario Factory Court WarioFactory.jpg Conveyor belts will move your character away from the ball. Fast Strongest Default
Delfino Plaza Court DelfinoPlaza.jpg Piranha plants made of sludge will apear and slow you down. Normal Weak Default
Gooper Blooper Court GooperBlooper.jpg The court will shrink and grow depending on the panels hit. Fastest Normal Default
DK Jungle Court DKJungle.jpg Red and Green Klaptraps walk across the net. If hit, they fall and distract the other player. Slow Normal Default
Bowser's Castle Court Bowser'sCastle.jpg The stage will tilt from the weight of the players, and this can cause you to have difficulty moving or staying in place. Which could make the ball hard to hit. Fast Strong Unlockable
Mario Classic Court MarioClassic.jpg Classic Mario Bros. enemies will walk on the middle lines of the court. They can block and mess up the player. "Freezies" will freeze the court when they reach the middle. If you use the POW block, all the enemies are stunned by it (except for the freezie, which is just destroyed). Side-steppers take two hits from the POW block to get stunned and the enemy, fighter flies, are immune to the POW block if they are flying. Once stunned the enemy is stunned, they can get removed if a player collides into it. Defeated enemies can help the player obtain a glowing racket, which is used for power shots. Slow Strongest Unlockable

[edit] Characters

Each character has both an offensive and a defensive power shot. Offensive is used when the character is next to the ball, and defense if used when the character is far away from the ball. You can also you a Defensive Special when close to the ball by pushing "R+B" instead of "R+A".

[edit] Characters

[edit] Starting Participants

Character Skill type Offensive Power Shot Defensive Power Shot
Mario All Around Iron Hammer Spin Jump Return
Luigi All Around Squeaky Mallet Poltergust Return
Peach Technique Super Peach Spin Sweet Kiss Return
Daisy Technique Wonder Flower Flowerbed Return
Wario Power Thunder Cast Shot Ultra-Hand Return
Waluigi Defense Whirluigi Swimming Return
Bowser Power Fire Breath Spinning Shell Dash
Donkey Kong Power Barrel Cannon Blast Boomerang Banana Return
Diddy Kong Speedy Acrobatic Banana Barrel Jet
Yoshi Speedy Rainbow Flutter Rolling Egg Return
Bowser Jr. Tricky Magic Paint Rolling Brush Return
Koopa Troopa Speedy Water Bomb Water Shell Dash
Boo Tricky Boo Blast Boo Brigade Return
Shy Guy Technique Lightning Spear Spear Dance Return

[edit] Unlockable Participants

Character Skill type Offensive Power Shot Defensive Power Shot
Fly Guy Tricky Tornado Twist Tornado Return
Paratroopa Technique Energy Ball Sky Dive
Wiggler Defense Anger Management Flutter Return
Petey Piranha Power Sludge Racket Piranha Swingback

[edit] Items

Items can be set on on any court. When the ball is hit across the net, there's a chance that you can hit the item box to get an item. There are several different items that can be obtained and thrown at your opponent.

  • Red Shell- Homes in on your opponent.
  • Green Shell- Go in a straight line at your opponent.
  • Banana- d Makes your opponent slip and slow down.
  • Mushroom- Speeds you up temperarily.
  • Star- Makes you invulnerable for a short amount of time. Also improves your abilities.
  • Lightning- Shrinks your opponent. Also decreases their power.

[edit] Wii Version

On March 9, 2009 Mario Power Tennis was released on the Wii for $29.99. It featured a new play control system, where players use the Wii remote and nunchuck to play the game.

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