Mario Party Series


[edit] Background

The Mario Party Series is a series of Mario themed boardgames developed by Nintendo and Hudson. The first three games in the series were released on the Nintendo 64, these being Mario Party, Mario Party 2, and Mario Party 3. Later four more Mario Party games were released in the series for the Nintendo Game Cube. These being Mario Party 4, Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7. After this two more games in the series Mario Party 8, and Mario Party 9 was released for the Nintendo Wii. It was confirmed that Mario Party 9 would be made by a different developer, that being Nd Cube.

[edit] Gameplay

The game mainly consists of playing across boards by hitting a dice block. The dice block is numbered from one to ten. However this is not all there is to it, as the players must play a minigame at the end of each turn.

Winning a minigame will grant the player(s) a reward that almost always consists of coins. Coins are a great help to the players on the board because you need them to buy Stars which are the main object of the game. Power Stars appear in every Mario Party board and are the means to win the game. Whoever has the largest amount of Stars after the turns are up wins, however if two or more players have the same star count than the number of coins the players have will decide the winner. Being whoever has the most coins and Stars wins the game. The boards are themed in different settings such as Shy Guys Jungle Jam which takes place in a jungle, to King Boo's Haunted Hideaway which takes place in a haunted house. Based on the boards different themes there are various happening spaces, or ? spaces that cause's something to happen to the player who landed on the space. This can result in something bad happening to the player or something good based on the space. This adds a very nice touch to the boards and makes it all more interesting. So Mario Party is not just your flat everyday board game, they are set to take place in real areas in the Mario world. The gameplay of the minigames consists of many different things. Such as being the last character standing in obstacle course games, or seeing who can mash the A button and flee the slime blob faster. The topics of gameplay for the minigames is endless. The largest amount of characters that can play on the board at one time is four, aside from Mario Party 7 which has an eight player mode.

[edit] Minigames

There are many types of minigames throughout the Mario Party Series that must be played after each turn during board play. Players can also choose to play minigames only, by entering minigame mode. The following is a list of common types of minigames found throughout the Mario Party Series. There is almost always always a timer on the games.

[edit] Duel Minigames

Duel minigames consist of two players facing one another in a minigame. Whoever comes out on top is the winner.

[edit] 2 vs 2 minigames

Two teams of two characters face off in a minigame against one another, the team who comes out on top wins.

[edit] 1 vs 3 minigames

As the name implies this time one character must face off in a minigame against three others. A good example of this would be the minigame Be My Chum from Mario Party 7. This is a mic 1 vs 3 minigame that consists of the single player ordering the three types of fish, Cheep Cheep's, Sushi's, and Blooper's to attack the three players under water who are trying to avoid them.

[edit] Four Player Minigames

Four player minigames consist of all for players playing the minigame at one time. whoever does the best wins.

[edit] Battle Minigames

Battle minigames are very similar to four player minigames with all four player playing against one another yet again. However the prize consists of a larger amount of coins.

[edit] Bowser Minigames

There are also Bowser minigames that consist of all four players or just one player facing Bowser in a minigame. Whoever loses these minigames will pay with many coins or even a Star. There are also a few other bad things that can happen to the player(s) who lose. Whenever you fight Bowser in Mario Party games it is themed like a minigame.

[edit] DK Minigames

There are also minigames that are hosted by Donkey Kong, if player(s) win they will be rewarded with coins or a star.

[edit] Jackpot Minigames

Introduced in Mario Party 9. When the Jackpot in Bowser's Station goes over 20, a minigame is decided on who will get it.

There are also other minigames that are not played during the board play.

[edit] Items

There is also a wide verity of items in Mario Party games which players use to hinder one another on the board. This includes placing items on the boards as spaces to land on, or the character transforming and hindering the other players as they pass them on the board. Typically by stealing things.

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