Mario Party Advance

Mario Party Advance
Mario Party Advance Cover.jpg
Genre Board Games (GBA)
Developer Hudson Soft
Theme(s) Party & Board Games
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date March 28, 05 [North America], Feb 25, 05 [Europe]
Perspective(s) Top Down

Genre: Board Games (GBA)
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Hudson Soft
Release Date: Mar 28, 05 [North America]
Theme(s): Party & Board Games Perspective(s): Top Down


[edit] Release Dates

North America: Mar 28, 05

International release dates:
Europe: Feb 25, 05

[edit] Introduction

Maro Party Advance is the first Mario Party game on the GBA. It features a story mode, along with a party mode and a mini-game mode; like the Gamecube and Wii versions of Mario Party. It is also one of two current portable games, with the only other one being Mario Party: DS. It also has for the first time, Gaddgets, which can do all sorts of things, depending which of them you use!

[edit] Modes

Story Mode - Battle other characters to be the best!
Party Mode - Battle other characters, but, on any board, with any different settings you like!
Mini-Game Mode - Play mini-games to master them and become the best.

[edit] Hosts

Tumble - hosts the Story mode.
Toad - hosts Play Land and Party Land.
Professor Elvin Gadd - hosts the Play Land mode.
Toadette - hosts Party Land and Challenge Land.

[edit] Features

60+ Mini-Games!
Earn coins as you play to spend on Gadgets!
Link up with friends to duel, party and trade mini-games, gadgets and coins!

[edit] Characters

There are so many different and interesting characters in this game, not to mention all the Mario games.

[edit] Playable Characters

[edit] Toads

Shroomlock - Shroom City's detective.
Mrs. Shroomlock - Shroomlock's wife. Likes to gossip, if you stop by her she'll help you out by giving you hints and whatnot on what you should do next.
Mr. E - A mystery-loving guy. Every time the player finds something strange, Mr. E arrives to investigate.
Mushbert - A huge fan of Toad Force V. He can provide the player with rare Toad Force V merchandise.

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