Mario Party 7

Mario Party 7
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Box Art

Developer Hudson Soft
Publisher Nintendo
Platform GCN
Release Date(s) NA November 7, 2005

JPN November 10, 2005
EUR February 10, 2006
AUS June 8, 2006


[edit] Playable characters

  • Mario-Mario, the all out party lover. Mario loves monkeying around with the local monkeys and throwing snowball fights!
  • Luigi-Mario's younger brother is also a fan of the winter activities. He'll be speeding down hills with his snowboard!
  • Peach-Peach, the one Mario always has to save. Peach loves to play games with the odd one out!
  • Yoshi-Yoshi, the friendly dinosaur who is Mario's best pal. He'll get a stamper and stamp everything in sight!
  • Daisy-Daisy's a tom boy--but she can be fond of 'girl' things too. She loves to take pictures this time around!
  • Wario-Wario can be fun or evil--or just plain gross! Give him an electric cloud that can hit others with lightening bolts--and you're in trouble!
  • Waluigi-Wario's brother. Give him a hand mop--and some other cleaning devices and he's unstoppable!
  • Toad-Toad has been a friend to Peach a long time--and Mario, he loves to rocket into the sky with jet packs!
  • Koopa Kid-Ah yes, Bowser's son. Give him a mechanical ladybug to ride on and he's set for this party!
  • Boo-Boo absolutely loves to scare other people, dinosaurs or toadstools! Whatever you may be, be prepared to be scared by Boo--and a pink friend or two of his!
  • Toadette-Toadette, so another toadstool has joined us this time? Well, she just can't seem to keep her hands on anything! Go get that fallen mail for Shy Guy, Toadette!

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[edit] Rules

Blue Space - You get 3 coins. Red Space - You lose 3 coins. Happening (?) Space - An event will take place, depending on what board and what happening space you have landed on. Duel Space - Stop here to start a duel mini game. If you win, you can steal coins and stars from your rival. The prize you get if you win is decided by a roulette wheel. Mic Space - If you land here, you will play a memorization mini game where you have the chance to double the coins you wager. DK Space - If you land here, Donkey Kong will come and start a single-player or multi player mini game. In a single-player mini game, only the player who landed on the space plays the mini game for coins or a star. If it is a multi player game, everyone will try to gather bananas for coins. Bowser Space - If you stop here, Bowser will start a single-player or multi player mini game like DK. But if you lose these games, Bowser will take your coins or a star. Koopa Kid Space - Koopa Kid appears and does a random event. They include: Dividing everyone’s coins equally, exchanging coins, shuffling the orbs, and switching people’s positions on the board. He may also give you a Cursed Mushroom, which makes your dice block only go 1-5. Star Space - This is where you can buy the star for 20 coins. Note that these are only in the boards where you must reach the star space to get a star. Some boards have other means of getting stars. After you land on one of these your turn is over and a mini game begins. Start a Forum thread on this item

[edit] Orbs

Orbs: There are different orbs, they all do different things. Green Orbs: These give you a boost, you use them on yourself. Yellow Orbs: If someone lands one on of these something bad will happen to them! But someone can take over your space with their orb. Red Orbs: These are used to block the road, something bad will happen to someone to someone who goes past this, nothing will happen to you though. Blue Orbs: These are special, each character has their own. Purple Orbs: There is only one of these - the Koopa Kid orb. If you pass an orb space and you get one of these, Koopa Kid will throw it on a random space. But note that you can take over Koopa Kid’s space with one of your own. You can get a orb by passing a space and getting one random, or buy one from the orb shop. Start a Forum thread on this item

[edit] Mini Games

The mini game is decided on what kinda of spaces you land on, i.e if two people land on blue and two land on red it will be a two versus two mini game. Your color will be random if you land on a green happening (?) space. Start a Forum thread on this item

[edit] Bowser Time

After each turn, the Bowser meter will fill up. It takes five turns for the Bowser meter to fill up. When it's filled up, an event will happen. The event is based on the board you are on, it's usually something you won't like, such as Blue spots turning red. Start a Forum thread on this item

[edit] 8-Player Mode

In this mode you team up with another human. The lead played is the one who decides to buy orbs, take which way on the road and so on. The lead played is changed every turn, and there's also eight played mini games. Last 4 Turns: In the last four turn Bowser comes and does a event, the losing player decided out off... 1) All red spaces to becomes Bowser spaces 2) Bowser puts 10 Cuppa kid spaces on the board 3) Blue and red spaces of tripled 4) The player in last place gets 40 coins 5) Stars are only 10 coins ( only in Grand Canal and Bowser’s Enchanted Inferno) 6) Chomp chain prices are cut in half ( Only in Pyramid Park ) Bonus Stars: If you have chosen to play with bonus stars 3 out of 6 will be awarded at the end, here what they are: Minigame Star - This goes to who won the most coins in mini games Action Star - This goes to the person who landed on the most happening spaces Orb Star - This goes to who got the most orbs. Shopping Star - This goes to who spent the most coins on orbs. Running Star - This goes to the person who travelled the most spaces on the board Red Star - This goes to the person who landed on the most red spaces on the board Winner - This is to who got the most stars on the board, if there's a lie it will be who has the most coins.

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