Mario Party 6

Mario Party 6
Mario Party 6.png

Box Art

Developer Hudson Soft
Publisher Nintendo
Platform GCN
Release Date(s) JP November 18, 2004

NA December 6, 2004
EU March 18, 2005
AUS September 15, 2005

Mario Party 6 is the sixth game in the Mario Party series. It brought several new features, such as the day and night system and the mic minigames. Each stage also has a different way to get a star from another.


[edit] Storyline

Brighton and Twila--the sun and the moon--watch over Mario Party world from the sky and host the best parties. The two celestial party animals have always been good friends. That is, until the day Brighton asked Twila, "Who's more impressive, you or me?" Brighton and Twila argued furiously about who was more popular and impressive. The sky thundered with the fury of their cataclysmic squabble! Mario and his party-hearty friends tried to get them to make up, but nothing they said could settle the spat in the sky. That's when Mario came up with a brilliant plan to harness the power of the Stars to end the feud! They decided to throw a massive Mario Party to collect Stars and fill the great Star Bank! Determined to end Brighton and Twila's feud, they started partying right away. ...But will the power of the Stars be enough to end the furious feud?

[edit] Features

  • First time the Mic can be used and the first Mario Party game to include a Mic and use it in Mini-games and such.
  • New Mini-games, like every Mario Party has
  • New Characters

[edit] Orbs

Well, this time Mario does not have Items--or Capsules, but he does have Orbs! Orbs are very similar to capsules; you can throw certain ones and use them on the Board if you like, or use other ones on yourself! Orbs cost money to buy though unlike Capsules, but you get to pick which one you want.

Orbs you use on yourself: (Cost of Orb)

Mushroom Orb-Move with two Dice Blocks. (5 Coins)
Super Mushroom Orb-Move with three Dice Blocks. (15 Coins)Sluggish Shroom Orb-The Dice Block will roll slowly. (10 Coins)
Metal Mushroom Orb-Encase yourself in metal and move without being harmed by rivals' traps. (10 Coins)
Bullet Bill Orb-Catch a ride on a Bullet Bill and overtake an opponent to steal 20 Coins. (20 Coins)
Pipe Orb-Switch places with whoever the wheel of chance chooses! (10 Coins)
Flutter Orb-Flutter will appear and fly you straight to the Star Space! (30 Coins)

Orbs you throw and use on the Board: (Cost of Orb)

Spiny Orb-Any opponent who lands on it will lose 10 Coins. (5 Coins)
Goomba Orb- Any foe who lands on it hits a dice block that determines how many Coins they give you. (10 Coins)
Piranha Plant Orb-Any opponent who lands on it must give you half of their Coins. (15 Coins)
Klepto Orb-Any opponent who lands on it will be sent back to the Start Space. (5 Coins)
Kamek Orb-If an opponent lands on it, you get one of the Orbs he has placed on the Board. (10 Coins)
Mr. Blizzard Orb-If an opponent lands on it, they'll lose all of their Orbs. (10 Coins)

Roadblock Orbs: (Cost of Orb)
(These Orbs will trigger if they are passed by a rival)

Podoboo Orb-Any opponent who passes it loses 10 Coins. (5 Coins)
Zap Orb-Any foe who passes it loses five Coins for every space they move past it. (15 Coins)
Tweester Orb-Any opponent who passes it will be blown away to another space. (5 Coins)
Thwomp Orb-Any opponent who passes it will get Thowmped and must stop moving. (10 Coins)
Bob-Omb Orb-Any opponent who passes it will go half the spaces they have left to move. (10 Coins)
Koopa Troopa Orb-Switch places with any opponent who passes it. (10 Coins)

Miscellaneous Orbs: (Cost of Orb)

Snack Orb-Prevents a Chain-Chomp from stealing from you one time. Can't be used or placed. (10 Coins)
Boo Away Orb-Prevents a Boo from stealing from you one time. Can't be used or placed. (10 Coins)

[edit] Playable Characters

Mario, the all out partier. Mario loves monkeying around with the local monkeys and throwing snowball fights!

Mario's younger brother is also a fan of the winter activities. He'll be speeding down hills with his snowboard!

Peach, the one Mario always has to save. Peach loves to play games with the odd one out!

Yoshi, the friendly dinosaur who is Mario's best pal. He'll get a stamper and stamp everything in sight!

Daisy's a tom boy--but she can be fond of 'girly' things too. She loves to take pictures this time around!

Wario can be fun or evil--or just plain gross! Give him an electric cloud that can hit others with lightening bolts--and you're in trouble!

Wario's brother. Give him a hand mop--and some other cleaning devices and he's unstoppable!

Toad has been a friend to Peach a long time--and Mario, he loves to rocket into the sky with jet packs!

Koopa Kid
Ah yes, Bowser's son. Give him a mechanical ladybug to ride on and he's set for this party!

Boo absolutely loves to scare other people, dinosaurs, or toadstools! Whatever you may be; be prepared to be scared by Boo--and a pink friend or two of his!

Toadette, so another toadstool has joined us this time? Well, she just can't seem to keep her hands on anything! Go get that fallen mail for Shy Guy, Toadette

[edit] Mini-game List

Mini-Game list:

4-Player Mini-Games:
Odd Card Out
Freeze Frame
What Goes Up
Granite Getaway
Circuit Maximus
Catch You Letter
Snow Whirled
Daft Rafts
Tricky Tires
Treasure Trawlers
Memory Lane
Cannonball Fun
Note To Self
Same Is Lame
Lift Leapers
Blooper Scooper
Trap Ease Artist
Pokey Punch Out
Money Belt*
Sunday Drivers
Throw Me A Bone

1-Vs.-3 Mini-Games:
Cash Flow*
Sink or Swim
Snow Brawl
Ball Dozers
Surge and Destroy
Pop Star
Stage Fright
Conveyor Bolt
Crate and Peril
Ray of Fright
Dust 'Til Dawn
Verbal Assault**
Shoot Yer Mouth Off**
Talkie Walkie**
Word Herd**
Fruit Talktail**

2-Vs.-2 Mini-Games:
Garden Grab
Pixel Perfect
Slot Trot
Gondola Glide
Light Breeze
Body Builder
Jump The Gun
Rocky Road
Clean Team

Battle Mini-Games:
Hyper Sniper
Stamp By Me
Wrasslin' Rapids
Strawberry Shortfuse
Control Schtick

Duel Mini-Games:
Light Up My Night
Cog Jog
Black Hole Boogie
Full Tilt
Sumo of Doom-o
Mass Meteor
T Minus Five
Asteroid Rage
Boo'd Off the Stage
Trick or Tree
Something's Amist

DK Mini-Games:
Tally Me Banana
Banana Shake
Pier Factor

Bowser Mini-Games:
Pit Boss
Dizzy Rotisserie
Dark 'n' Crispy

Rare Mini-Games:
Seer Terror
Block Star
Lab Brats
Dunk Bros.

(*indicates that they are a coin-collecting Mini-Game, ** indicates that they are a Mic Mini-Game)

[edit] Game Modes

Party Mode
Whoop it up with up to four players in a challenge to collect the most Stars! You can either play a free-for-all Battle Royale match or spit into teams for a two-on-two team match.

Solo Mode
Embark in a single player expedition for Coins and Mini-Games! Explore three special Solo Mode boards, but watch out for Bowser and his wicked crew of Koopa Kids! Play this mode to collect lots of Mini-Games.

The three boards in Solo Mode:

Thirsty Gulch
This sun baked board features lots of 2-Vs.-2 Mini-Game Spaces. If you stop on a '?' Space, you'll cause a landslide that will send you back toward the Start Space. That may sound bad, but it's actually good news if you're trying to get more Mini-Games and Coins!

Astro Avenue
Take a stellar stroll on this cosmic board that's packed with 1-Vs.-3 Mini-Game Spaces. Stop on a '?' Space to rocket your way closer to the end of the board.

Infernal Tower
Beware of Bowser's brutal tower! This board has lots of 4-Player Mini-Game Spaces. Stop on the '?' Space to get a Chain-Chomp to take you back to the Start Space.

Mic Mode
Put your Mic skills to the test! In this mode, you can chose to play Speak Up, a quiz game you can play with up to three of your friends; Star Sprint, a side-scrolling action game you control with your voice; or any Mic Mini-Game!

Mini-Game Mode
In Mini-Game Mode, up to four players can play all of the Mini-Games you've collected in Party Mode and Solo Mode.

Mini-Game mode features six fun ways to play all the Mini-Games you've collected in Party Mode and Solo Mode. To play Mic Mini-Games you need to go to Mic Mode.

Mini-Game Tour
Hop on board the Mini-Game Tour Bus and play any game you've collected! Press the L and R Buttons to scroll through the types of Mini-Games.

Battle Bridge
Play Mini-Games in a mad scramble to cross the Battle Bridge first! Before you can play, you'll need to choose the number of Mini-Game victories needed to cross the bridge and win. You can play either a three, five, or seven Mini-Game match. Each Mini-Game victory will get you closer to the other side of the bridge. You can choose to play 4-Player, 1-Vs.-3 or 2-Vs.-2 Mini-Games.

Treetop Bingo
In Treetop Bingo, your goal is to win Mini-Games to complete rows of spaces on your Bingo board! Before you play, you'll need to set the number of completed rows to win. After winning a Mini-Game, you can choose a space to uncover, that space is also uncovered on everyone else's Bingo board. Be careful not to accidentally help your rivals win!

Mount Duel
Four players pair off and compete in Duel Mini-Games to climb the massive mountain and win the tournament!

Decathlon Park
At Decathlon Park, you'll compete in 10 intense Mini-Game events and battle for overall points! Whoever has the most points after 10 Mini-Games is the champion!

Endurance Alley-See how many Mini-Games you can win in a row in this grueling solo journey!

Star Bank
Spend your hard-earned Stars here to but all kinds of stuff!

Option Mode
Adjust your game settings, listen to Mario Party sounds, and see the all-time Mini-Game records in this mode.

[edit] Boards

Of course Mario joins you with Brighton--and Twila this time with fun and new exciting boards! Watch them change from day to night for super cool effects!

Towering Treetop
This treetop romp is perfect for first time players! Stars always cost 20 Coins on this foliage-filled board. In addition, routes around the board change depending on the time of the day.

E. Gadd's Garage
Explore Professor E. Gadd's invention-packed garage! Stars always cost 20 Coins on this board. In addition, routes around the board change depending on the time of the day.

Faire Square
Put your luck to the test in this festive town! Players can buy as many as five Stars from the Star Space, as long as they have enough Coins. At night, Twila randomly decides the Star price.

Snowflake Lake
Ride around this frozen landscape on the back of a Chain-Chomp! Each player starts with five Stars, Ride Chain-Chomps over your rivals to get more!

Castaway Bay
This tropical cove holds many mystical secrets! If you stop on DK's boat, he'll sell you a star for 20 coins. Don't stop on Bowser's Battle Yacht, or he'll give you a Shadow Star and steal your valuables!

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