Mario Party 2

Mario Party 2

Box Art

Developer Hudson Soft
Publisher Nintendo
Platform N64
Release Date(s) Nintendo 64
Japan; December 17, 1999
North America; January 24, 2000
Europe; October 12, 2000
Australia; November 6, 2000
Virtual Console
Japan; November 2, 2010
North America; December 20, 2010
Europe; December 24, 2010

Mario Party 2 is the second game in the Mario Party Series. This time, each characters can get different costumes.


[edit] New Space Spots

Since the release of Mario Party we've all become accustomed to the usual spaces in which we land, like the Star Spot which initiated a single player game for the user who landed on it, but since the release of Mario Party 2 there have been many new spaces added here they are: List of new space spots Item Space - is where there is a chance to play an Item Game in various locations. It's marked as a green space with a treasure chest drawn on it. Battle Space - is where there is a chance to play games similar to 4-player games, with players automatically paying an entry fee which is collectively used as the prize. It's marked as a green space with a lightning bolt drawn on it. Koopa Bank Space - Players who pass this space must pay 5 coins to the bank. If a player doesn't have 5 coins, they put in as many as they have. Players who land on this space get all of the coins in the bank. It's marked as a green space with a money bag drawn on it (although the Koopa Bank building is indeed present before this space). In Bowser Land, it's called Bowser Bank and works in an inverse form: every time this space is bypassed, the player receives 5 coins and, whoever lands on it, loses as many coins as there were given away to the players, if the player who lands on the space has no coins he/she loses a star.

[edit] The different Boards

There are many new boards added to Mario Party 2 and here they are. Cycle means that you must reach the start point again to even hope to get any stars, and Free Movement means that you might not get to the start again and you can roam around to your hearts content.

[edit] Playable Characters

[edit] Controls

• Control Stick or Control Pad - Move cursor to desired option, move character around. • A Button - Select an Option • B Button - Cancel an option, use an item • Start Button - Pause Game • L Button - Taunt • R Button - Select practice board • Z Button - Select adventure map board • C Buttons - View the Rules for the selected mini-game

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