Mario Party

Mario Party

Box Art

Developer Hudson Soft
Publisher Nintendo
Platform N64
Release Date(s) JP December 18, 1998

NA February 8, 1999
EU March 9, 1999
AUS March 9, 1999

Mario Party is the first game in the Mario Party series and is still the hardest one to date, due to the mini-games hurting your hands and their general difficulty.


[edit] Controls

  • Control Stick - Move cursor to highlight option, move character about the screen.
  • A Button - Select option
  • B Button - Cancel selection
  • Start Button - Pause game
  • R Button - Select overhead map
  • C Buttons - Bring up the explanation screen.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Adventure Mode Boards

Mario Party 1 has had the most amount of board games in the series. Each board game can take you on multiple paths and is loads of fun to play. As you can see every board game here coincides with one member of the game. E.g. Mario's Rainbow Castle is Mario's level and Peach's Birthday Cake is Peach's level. No benefit is given to the certain character this feature is just there to add spice to the levels. Mario's Rainbow Castle Luigi's Engine Room Peach's Birthday Cake Yoshi's Tropical Island Wario's Battle Canyon DK's Jungle Adventure Bowser's Magma Mountain (Unlocked by buying at the shop) Eternal Star (Unlocked by collecting 100 stars)

[edit] Mini-Game Island

This mini-game island is one of the most innovative features added to the game. The player must get through all of the mini-games and try to get to the end. It reminds many of the original Super Mario Bros. Each level is given a world, and a level for example (2-6). Every time a player beats a level they continue on in their quest to beat the mini-game island. Every few levels there is a save point, and if one loses all their lives they start off from where they last saved. Beating this Island reaps no rewards other then satisfying ones self.

[edit] Mini-Game House

Here in the mini-game house you can host a tournament with your friends, and have a 1,3,5, or 7 in a row mini-game blast in which you choose 7 mini-games that you would wish to compete your friends with in, and get started! For each mini-game you win you get 10 coins and the person with the most coins wins. You can also buy mini-games here for a certain amount of coins, usually 200+ after buying them you can play them to your hearts content, however if you don't buy them you can still try them out for 10 coins each time you try. You can also go through a quick practice run on a very basic map with only red and blue spaces, and mini-games galore, this is just a game if you want to play Mini-games basically. There is also a mecha-guy mini-game here in which you must spin the control stick as much as you can and see how far you've made the mecha guy fly. That's about all you can do in the Mini-Game House.

[edit] Controversies

In Mario Party, some of the minigames required you to rotate the analog stick quickly. This resulted in numerous players getting blisters, friction burns, and other hand injuries due to them using their palms instead of their thumb. Around 90 complaints were reportedly received from the New York's attorney general's office. While many believe that Nintendo had a lawsuit filed against them, no such lawsuit ever was filed. Nintendo eventually made a settlement in which they issued a special protective glove to all of the players who hurt their hands that could be ordered through Nintendo Power, as well as payed around $75,000 of legal fees to New York. Because of this controversy, Nintendo didn't use the mechanic of rotating the analog stick in the Mario Party until Mario Party: Island Tour, where the speed of which you did it was toned down quite a bit. Nintendo also didn't release Mario Party for Wii Virtual Console and skipped to Mario Party 2, though they had plans to.

In the Japanese version of the game, when Wario and Luigi fail, they both yell "Oh my God!". This was changed to "D'oh I missed!" for Wario and "DOhhohhohhoohhh!"" for Luigi for the Western release, as well as in Mario Party 2.

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