Mario Kart Super Circuit

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Mario Kart: Super Circuit
North American front cover
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
NA Release August 27th, 2001
EU Release September 14th, 2001


[edit] Background

Mario Kart: Super Circuit is a racing game developed and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance in 2001. In the game, eight racers take to the tracks and race for first place. It is the first Mario Kart game not to be developed by Nintendo EAD; instead, it was developed by Intelligent Systems. It was the first Mario Kart released on a handheld game system; in 2005, a sequel titled Mario Kart DS was released. This game won an award, and well-received by reviewers. The game is more similar to the original Super Mario Kart than the rest.

[edit] Playable Characters

[edit] Controls

• D-Pad - Move Vehicle in desired Direction.
• Start Button - Bring up the Pause Menu
• A Button - Accelerate
• B Button - Brake
• L Button - Use Item
• R Button - Jump/Power Slide

[edit] Game Mechanics

Boost Start

A staple of the Mario Kart series. Hit the gas on the last light to boost ahead to the pack for an immediate advantage.

Jump Turn

Often tapping R to jump will offer a sharper turn than other cornering methods.


Press and hold R to slide round corners, minimizing speed loss. The degree of control is less than that of jumping round.


The powerslide system used here is likely to throw many Mario Kart fans, as it’s done quite differently. Instead of the usual method you simply have to maintain a slide for about 2 seconds to receive a boost when you exit the slide.

Trailing items

Many weapons can be tailed behind the kart, and this is advisable. This technique provides a shield from many attacks from other karters. This technique wouldn't shield you from all attacks though.

Recovery Boost

If you fly off track, all is not lost. If you hit the gas just before your kart touches the track you’ll boost off, ideal for catching up again.

Prevent Spinout

If you hit a banana or anything that would cause a spinout and start losing control it's possible to prevent the spin. Quickly hit the brake, then let go when the music note appears, signaling a successful recovery.

Fast Item Selection

When the game is cycling through the items tap L to instantly stop the cycle and receive an item.

[edit] Game Modes

Grand Prix
Info: This is where you compete for trophies in a four-race race series. Player’s are awarded points based on where they finish in a race, and the total points earned after four races determines what trophies are awarded. There are a total of 10 cups and 3 racing classes to compete in.

Time Trial
Info: A solo game mode. Players race solo on their chosen track for three laps trying to set best time records, with a triple boost as their only item. It is possible to save up to 10 ghost runs and to store up to 2 transferred ghost runs.

Versus (Mutli-Cart)
Info: Race against your friends on any available track of your choosing. Game mode only for multiplayer races.

Versus (Single-Cart)
Info: Race against your friends on a one of four tracks using different coloured Yoshis. Game mode only for multiplayer races.

Info: Multiplayer game mode where players compete to pop the balloons on the opposition karts using weapons. Last kart remaining with balloon(s) wins.

Quick Run
Info: Single player version of the versus game, allowing the player to challenge the computer on any available track of their choosing. Options such as number of laps and coins can be adjusted for this.

[edit] Mulitplayer Modes

Mario GP Mode
This is just a race between you, your friend and 6 other computers. Works in the same way a normal GP race would.

Vs. Mode
This is just 1 track with 2-4 human characters and no computers.

Battle Mode
Two to four players are placed in specially designed battle arenas, strewn with power-ups. Each player has three balloons attached to their kart, and each time he or she takes a successful hit (from an offensive item or aggressive ramming), he or she loses one. Upon losing the last, he or she is taken out of the game. The last player standing wins.

[edit] Secrets

Special Cup

Achieve a gold trophy on all four previous cups to unlock the Special Cup for that speed setting. Unlock at 150cc to use in all modes.

Extra Cups

Get a gold trophy and collect at least 100 coins to unlock the extra version of that cup for that speed setting. Unlock at 150cc to use in all modes.

Title Screen

Get a gold trophy on every Super Circuit cup on every speed setting to get a sunset title screen. Earn a triple star ranking on every Super Circuit cup on every speed setting to get a night-time title screen.

Driver Select Fun

While choosing your driver press L to fire a shell and press R to jump.

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