Mario Hoops 3 on 3

Mario Hoops 3 on 3

Box Art

Developer Square Enix
Publisher Nintendo
Platform DS
Release Date(s) JP July 27, 2006

NA September 11, 2006
AUS October 26, 2006
EU February 16, 2007

Genre Sports game
Rating (E) Everyone


[edit] Characters

In this game there are many different characters, and some of them are available from the start however most of them require to be unlocked. This game even adds some Final Fantasy characters to the mix because of Square Enix's and Nintendo's partnership. Beggining Characters Mario Luigi Princess Peach Princess Daisy Wario Waluigi Yoshi Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Bowser Jr. Unlockable Characters Bowser Dixie Kong Fly Guy Koopa Paratroopa Birdo Boo White Mage (Final Fantasy character) Black Mage (Final Fantasy character) Ninja (Final Fantasy character) Cactuar (Final Fantasy character) Moogle (Final Fantasy character)

[edit] Gameplay

Touch control is used for all actions except for movement. People believed that the touch screen was used for dribbling, but it was recently revealed that dribbling is automatic. Don't you think dribbling with the touch screen is faster than automatic dribbling? Touching the screen in a certain direction causes the character that the player is controlling to change which way the character is dribbling and face in another direction, allowing the player to turn his/her character without having to move with the d-pad and gives the player better defense. In addition, dribbling is faster on coin pads. Dribbling on coin pads also earns the player coins to be used as points while shooting. Navigating menus and playing the game can be done with either the touch screen or the d-pad. The player shoots by drawing a line forward on the touchpad. Depending on where the character is and how he or she is moving, the shot will either be a normal shot or a slam dunk. Normal Shots and Slam Dunks are 20 points plus the number of coins the player currently has. Super Shots (Specials) are 40 points each plus the number of coins. Ranged shots (three-pointers) are worth 30 shots each plus the number of coins. The game is structured in tournaments, which the player must win the game to progress. The tournament ladder is made with graphics based on the original Super Mario Bros. Each tournament is made up of three games with 2 halves of 2.5 minutes, making a total of 5 minutes per game, except that the player needs to play an extra game with the Final Fantasy team at the end of the rainbow tournament. The player can win a tournament by winning the three games on its ladder. The player would either get a gold cup, a silver cup, or a bronze cup. A gold cup is only available if the player has 200 points more than the opponents in all games of the tournament. There are two modes in Mario Hoops. They are normal mode and the hard mode. The hard mode is unlocked after winning the Final Fantasy team of the normal mode.

[edit] Scoring

If you make a shot, you get 20 points. The amount of points can be greatly increased by collecting the coins you see while playing. The maximum amount of points per shot you can make is 140.

[edit] Special Shots

There are 7 different combinations to do a special shot. To do a special shot, you need to make your player bounce the ball in a specific way. The most common way to do this is to tap out the letter that appears on the touch screen.

[edit] Controls

• Tapping the Screen - Dribble. • Stroke the stylus left/right - Pass • Stroke the stylus from bottom to top - Jump or Shoot. • Stroke the stylus from top to bottom - Steal • Stroke the stylus towards your opponent - Use Item • L Button - Switch Teammate. • Control Pad - Move the Character. • A Button - Pass Right or Sidestep Right. • B Button - Dribble, Steal, Throw, or Block. • X Button - Shoot, Dunk or Jump. • Y Button - Pass Left or Sidestep Left • B-button and X-button - Charge Shot • Hold B Button - Jumping Steal

[edit] Available Courts

  • Mario Stadium: A very basic court, no obsticles to get in your way.
  • Koopa Beach: A beach court, with a ship in the backgound that will fire cannonballs across the court on occasion.
  • Peach Field: Lakitu holds up the basket for this court. Cheep Cheeps also bounce around atop the grassy court.
  • Sunset Beach: The same as Koopa Beach, only the sun is setting.
  • DK Cruiser: A raft flowing down a river in the jungle. Bananas will be thrown across the court, and sometime barrels will roll around.
  • Luigi's Mansion: A court with ghosts flying around. If a ghost catches the ball, you will have to steal it back from them.
  • Daisy Garden: This court is set in a beautiful garden, with flowers everywhere. In this stage, Petey Piranha is the basket. If you try to dunk while he is awake, he will bite you, preventing you from scoring. You can only dunk when Petey Piranha is asleep (every 40 seconds).
  • Wario Factory: Inside a gold factory setting is this court. The court moves up and down, stopping occasionally to allow Bob-ombs to walk around the court, which can be picked up and thrown at your opponents.
  • Jr. Street: This court is set in a large city, it has a slot machine behind the baskets. If you make a basket after collecting at least one slot coin. The slot machine will add coins to your score. You can get 800 points or loose 1,000 if you line up three Bowser Jrs.
  • Bowser's Castle: This court is inside of Bowser's Castle. Thwomps, fireballs, and bombs from Final Fantasy all lurk on this court, watch out for all of them.
  • Glare Desert: A desert court with a tornado moving around the court. Coming in contact with it will toss you in the air and make you drop coins.
  • Sherbet Land: A slippery, icy court, making it hard to get your ball down the court, also Mr. Freezies lurk this court, if you strike an opponent with them, they'll be turned into an icicle. Be sure to use them to your advantage!
  • Bloocheep Sea: Set underneath the ocean, this court is very basic. There are 8-bit bloopers swimming around, which will deflect the ball if they are hit by it. Everything also moves quite slowly in this court.
  • Pirate Ship: A court on a pirate ship, with very stormy seas and heavy rain. Cannonballs roll around the court and explode, so watch out!
  • Rainbow Ship: An ornate airship floating amongst the clouds, no obsticles to get in your way.
  • Malboro Garden: This court is a Final Fantasy court with Malboros near the baskets. If you get too close they'll attack you. It has no effect on posionous mushrooms.

[edit] Items

Single Coin - Score goes up by a point when a shot is made 10 Coins - Score goes up by 10 points when a shot is made Mushroom - Boosts your speed for a while Poison Mushroom - Slows you down for a while Star - Makes you in invincible for a while and boosts speed Lightning - Causes everyone else to fall Fake "?" Panel - Flies in the direction you stroke to trip anyone who steps on it Banana - Flies in the direction you stroke to trip anyone who steps on it Bomb - Flies in the direction you stroke and trips everyone around it when it blows up Green Shell - Flies straight in the direction you stroke, tripping anyone who touches it Red shell - Automatically goes after the ball when you stroke to throw it Spiny Shell - A more powerful version of the Red Shell. It even chases the ball in the airSlot Coin (Jr. Street) - If you make a shot after getting a slot coin, the slot will start spinning. You get bonus points or lose points depending on how the pictures line up Mimic (Bloocheep Sea) - Stroke to activate it. It goes after the ball or might even cough up coins Freezy (Sherbert Land) - Throw in the direction of an opposing player and freeze him or her for a while.

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