Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Mario Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Developer Camelot Software Planning
Publisher Nintendo
Platform GameCube
Release Dates Japan - September 5, 2003

North America - July 28, 2003
Europe - Europe June 18, 2004
Australia February, 2004

Genre Sport
Rating (E) Everyone


[edit] Storyline

Unlike every other Mario game this one has nothing to do with saving Princess Peach. Within this game you chose a character and play to beat all of the other contestants on the golf course.

[edit] Characters

Characters--------------------Distance--------------------------Star Distance

  • Mario ----------------------212-------------------------------280
  • Luigi -----------------------206-------------------------------240
  • Peach ----------------------203-------------------------------235
  • Daisy ----------------------213-------------------------------270
  • Yoshi ----------------------208-------------------------------250
  • Koopa ----------------------200-------------------------------230
  • Birdo -----------------------209-------------------------------255
  • Donkey Kong -------------215-------------------------------285
  • Diddy Kong----------------207-------------------------------245
  • Wario-----------------------210-------------------------------265
  • Waluigi---------------------209-------------------------------260
  • Bowser ---------------------217-------------------------------290
  • Boo---------------------------208-------------------------------253
  • Petey Piranha-------------220-------------------------------300
  • Bowser Jr.------------------211-------------------------------268
  • Shadow Mario-------------212-------------------------------275
  • Neil
  • Ella

Neil and Ella can be transfered to Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour with the help of a gameboy advance connector cable and Mario Golf: Advance Tour.

[edit] Controls

Moving the control stick to the left or right: Changes shot direction Moving the control stick up or down: Changes clubs D-Pad: change impact marker, Start/Pause Button: Pause C Stick Left or Right: Rotates the camera C Stick Up: Follows the ball's path of travel C Stick Down: View the hole’s layout A Button auto-swing: Starts swing and sets power A Button non auto-swing: Starts swing and sets topspin B Button: Sets the power and sets the backspin and changes the shot type X Button: View the landing point Y Button: View the hole’s layout L or R Button: Adjusts the range marker Z with the Control Stick: Changes the impact

[edit] Gameplay

This game has been different from many other Mario related games. Toadstool tour brought back the same characters with some new ones as well as new courses with great detail. The graphics have been the best out of any golf game made up to the release of Toadstool tour. They have realistic qualities to them and make the game a lot more enjoyable. - Once starting a new game the player chooses a club, general direction and power for the ball to travel. While swinging the player determines the power of the swing by a meter that rises like you may have seen in other golf games. The ball's path may be altered by the wind. Also, once the ball hits the ground, the land it hits may also affect the path the ball takes. There are many new modes that Toadstool Tour includes. There’s both single player mode and multiplayer mode which allows you to play against your friends assuming that you have some. There’s also doubles, speed golf, and training mode. Ring Attack and Coin Attack are modes that have the player collect rings and coins that have been scattered about the course you’re playing on. Club Slots restricts the number of clubs available to the players, and may give a bonus to some players. There are other modes that keep track of the number of consecutive birdies, or let the player practice a particular kind of shot. - The music does get repetitive due to the lack of different sound tracks. It was carefully put together, yet doesn’t include enough diversity. - There’s also a small amount of courses to play on. For this game being as advanced as it is for it’s time period, it doesn’t have enough courses to select from. The ones that you are able to play on are very creative and have much detail. - Within this game the other modes keep the game exciting and not too repetitive. - There are also a lot of difficult aspects of the game as well. Some of the challenges you must complete are very difficult to defeat. Since the Nintendo 64 games, a lot has improved. The creators have made some parts of the game easier and more enjoyable where as other parts are now more difficult to create a more intense style of gaming. - Golf has been considered boring, but with the characters you’ve grown to love and the new extreme courses this game will keep you hooked for a while.

[edit] Courses

  • Lakitu Valley
  • Blooper Bay
  • Peach’s Castle Grounds
  • Congo Canopy
  • Shifting Sands
  • Cheep Cheep Falls
  • Bowser Badlands

[edit] Hints

  • The wind is a key part of this game. If you don’t keep your eye on it, it could really mess up your shots. -Make sure you don’t over shoot the ball; if you hit it on the fairway it will bounce and roll from some distance. -It’s been said the easiest way to unlock Boo is to unlock Petey Piranha first, because he can hit the ball a lot farther.

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