Mario's Rainbow Castle

Mario's Rainbow Castle

Overview of the Mario's Castle board map

Game board is in Mario Party
Difficulty Level Easy
Star Space type Fixed space
 ? Space Effect Changes Toad's and Bowser's position at the top of the castle.
Availability Available at the start

Mario's Rainbow Castle is one of the 8 playable board maps in Mario Party. This is the only board map in Mario Party that is single direction. The path splits at two different points, but will come back together. The only difference is each time is that one path will be longer while the other is shorter. After a player reaches the top of the castle, s/he will either get a star from Toad or be conned into a fake star at the cost of 40 coins by Bowser. After, Toad and Bowser will automatically swap places at the top of the castle while the player will be taken back to start by a Lakitu. Although it is called Rainbow Castle in the game, many people believe it to be Mario's home map as the other playable characters in Mario Party have their own maps.

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