Mario's Cement Factory

Mario's Cement Factory
The handheld version of Mario's Cement Factory

Mario's Cement Factory is a Game & Watch title released in 1983. The first version of the game was a table top one that resembled an arcade game. The second version is the traditional handheld version of Game & Watch. It was later released on the Game & Watch Gallery Advance for the Gameboy Advance, and more recently an exact remake was released for purchase in the Nintendo shop for the DSi and the 3DS.

[edit] Gameplay

Gameplay consists of players moving Mario across the screen and having him empty cement containers. If a container over flows and some cement lands on one of the two workers below players will get a miss. Mario also has to navigate his way to each container using a conveyer that moves up and down. If Mario misses one of the platforms and falls he will get a miss this way as well, if players get three misses it's game over. The main goal of the game is to make points and get a high score, Mario will get one point ever time he empties some cement out of the top containers and two points for the bottom ones. After it's game over players high scores will be saved.

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