Magma Space

Magma Space +3
Magma Space +3.png
Effect Raises the lava level in Magma Mine.
First Appearance Mario Party 9

Magma Spaces are spaces that debuted in Mario Party 9 and only appears on the Magma Mine board map. These spaces appear throughout the second half of the map, after players have passed the first Boss fort. After the first Boss Minigame, the lava will start to rise every two spaces on the board map after the Captain's turn. If he/she lands on any of the Magma Spaces, the lava will rise two places plus an additonal amount of spaces that correspond to the number on the Magma Space. Therefore, +2 will raise the lava by four spaces, +3 will raise the lava by five spaces, and +4 will raise the lava by six spaces.

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