Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion

The North American box art for Luigi's Mansion

Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform GameCube, Nintendo 3DS
Release Dates Japan - September 14, 2001

North America - November 17, 2001
Europe - May 3, 2002

Genre Action-Adventure
Rating (E) Everyone

Luigi's Mansion was one of the launch titles for the Nintendo Gamecube. Released in September of 2001, it marked the second time that Luigi would be the main character and Mario as the supporting role since Mario is Missing! There is a sequel being made for the Nintendo 3DS called Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and released in 2012. The game is remade for the Nintendo 3DS in 2018.


[edit] Plot

Luigi has won a mansion in a contest that he never entered! He enters the Boo Woods where the mansion is located and soon after he enters the mansion, he is attacked by ghosts! Professor E. Gadd comes to his rescue with the Poltergust 3000 and fights off the ghosts. Back at the laboratory, E. Gadd explains that the mansion appeared out of thin air and is only an illusion, and that Mario was captured by those ghosts who live inside of the mansion. He gives Luigi his vacuum and trains him to use it properly so he can vacuum up ghosts and rescue his brother!

[edit] Controls

  • L Button- Expel an element from the vacuum.
  • R Button- Use the vacuum cleaner to suck up things like ghosts.
  • Start/Pause- Temporarily pause the game and display the Pause screen.
  • Control Stick- Move Luigi (walk, run)
  • B Button- Hold this button to keep the flashlight turned off
  • X Button- Search Mode shows Luigi's perspective
  • Y Button- Shows map of house
  • Z Button- Shows inventory
  • C Stick- Change the direction of the vacuum or flashlight
  • A Button- Examine things, Open a Door, Display the next message, Choose an option.

[edit] Luigi's Equipment

Throughout Luigi's adventure, he is able to use two different, but very special and unique items that Professor Elvin Gadd invented. Poltergeist 3000 The Poltergeist 3000 is a special invention created by Professor Elvin Gadd. It is a special type of vacuum that can be used to suck ghosts in and trap them inside. In the beginning intro, after you walk around the mansion and a ghost appears, you see it for the first time in action when Professor E. Gadd uses it to suck in the ghost in front of you. Since he is old and frail, he lets you use it to help you on your quest to save Mario. This special vacuum cleaner can both suck in ghosts, and expel elements. Gameboy Horror The Gameboy Horror, also invented by Professor E. Gadd, proves to be very helpful throughout your quest to rescue Mario. First of all, you can use it to navigate your way through the house. You can see where you are, all the rooms on each floor, and which rooms you have cleared and which rooms you haven't yet. After that, it can be used to see your inventory. In your inventory it will show Mario's special items he dropped, the portrait ghosts that you have caught (with bios included), and how much money you currently have collected. Last, the Gameboy Horror can be used to locate Boos. When using it, it will put you into first person mode and there will be a light at the top of it. Whenever you are searching a room using it, it will be blue if there is no Boos in the room, yellow if there is a boo, and red if you are standing next to where a boo is located.

[edit] Money

Throughout the game, you collect money. Money can be retrieved from simply sucking up a portrait ghosts to searching a drawer or a fan. There is a lot of money to collect out there, so don't worry if you don't find it all. Coin 5,000 G King Boo's Crown 5,000G Bill 20,000 G Gold Bar 100,000 G Small Pearl 50,000 G Medium Pearl 100,000 G Large Pearl 1,000,000 G Green Jewel 800,000 G Red Jewel 1,000,000 G Grey Jewel 2,000,000 G Gold Jewel 20,000,000 G

[edit] Mansions

After you have defeated the final boss, all of the money that you have collected throughout the game finally comes into play. Depending on how much money you collected, will have bought from a tent to a giant mansion. At the end of the game it will show your final money count, what rank the mansion is, and it will show a picture of it for you to enjoy. Mansion Rank: Appearance: Money Requirements Rank H: tent: 5,000,000 or less Rank G: outhouse: 5,000,001 - 20,000,000 Rank F: small house: 20,000,001 - 40,000,000 Rank E: medium house: 40,000,001 - 50,000,000 Rank D: large house: 50,000,001 - 60,000,000 Rank C: very large house: 60,000,001 - 70,000,000 Rank B: small mansion: 70,000,001 - 100,000,000 Rank A: giant mansion: 100,000,001 or more

[edit] Normal Ghosts

Normal Ghosts are the ghosts that are found around the mansion. They aren't portrait ghosts, Boos, or any bosses, but reappearing ghosts, each unique. They can be classified into five different sections. Primary, including Yellow, Pink, and Blue type ghosts. Grabbers, the White, Red and Purple grabbers. Elemental, as in the fire, water, and ice element ghosts. Hanger/Bomber, including the White hanger, the Purple Hanger/Bomber, and the Yellow bomber. The last category is "Special", meaning the ShyGuy, Mr. Bones, and Banana Dropper. A Yellow (10HP) B Pink (20HP) C Blue (30HP) D White Grabber (10/20HP) E Red Grabber (20HP) F Purple Grabber (20HP) G Shyguy (20HP) H Fire Elemental (varies) I Water Elemental (varies) J Ice Elemental (varies) K Mr. Bones (30HP) L Banana Dropper (40HP) M White Hanger (0HP) N Purple Hanger&Bomber (0HP) O Yellow Bomber (0HP)

[edit] Portrait Ghosts

Portrait Ghosts are the ghosts that Professor E. Gadd bought portraits of and spread them throughout his gallery. Unfortunately, the Boos turned them back into ghosts. There is a portrait ghost in almost every room of the house so you better get busy if you want to catch them all. Also, there are three that you don't have to capture to complete the game. They Mr. Luggs, Slim Bankshot, Jarvis, and Sue Pea. Ghost Bios, Locations, and Strategies Ghost description: The Bookish Father Neville 42 Years Old Neville spends his afterlife reading all the books he missed while living. Room: Study 2F What he does: Reading Comment: (Ho ho ho ho... Go ahead, try to find me! I can see you but you cannot see me. Ho ho ho ho...) Strategy: One of the easier Portrait Ghosts. Place your back against him and when he starts to yawn turn around and stun him and then vacuum him. Ghost description: The Mirror-Gazing Mother Lydia 34 Years Old She's stashed her secret savings away to prepare for her long afterlife. Room: Master Bedroom 2F What she does: Gazing in the mirror. Comment: (Isn't my hair just gorgeous? Of course, I do spend a lot of time on it. I was so bored cooped up in that painting...Now I spend all my time in front of the mirror. It seems to scare people, though, so everything is coming up roses!) Strategy: Go to the right curtain and vacuum it aside so the wind will blow in. Then Lydia's heart will be showing, quickly stun her and vacuum her. Ghost description: The Spoiled Baby Chauncey 1 Year Old He cries loudly and never sleeps through the night, but since he was born a ghost, this seems natural. Room: Nursery 2F What he does: Sleeping Comment: (Horsey... rocky... horsey) Strategy: Look in the "Bosses" section. Ghost description: The Dancing Couple The Floating Whirlindas ??? Years Old Once the local waltzchampions, they can no longer compete since their feet don't touch the floor. Room: Bal Room 1F What they do: Dancing Comment, the man: (So you can see me? Well that may be, but you will never find my weakness!) Comment, the woman: (I don't think this gent can even see us!) Strategy: When you've defeated all the Shyguys they will appear. Stand on the same rotating platform as they with your back turned to them so you get a clear view. Then when the man's heart is showing start the vacuuming. Ghost description: The Wandering Butler Shivers 72 Years Old He wanders the house endlessly searching for his master's will. He hopes he's included in it! Room: The 1F corridor - Butler's Room What he does: Wanders around in the 1F corridor. Comment: (Ah, the beautiful Melody will not even give me the time of day... What must I do to vain her? Passion! Yes! That's it! I will show her I burn for her! My unbridled passion will scorch her soul!) Strategy: When you've got the fire elemental and got the key from the Fortune-Teller's Room, unlock the Laundry Room. Then go to the floating candlestick in the 1F corridor and light it with your fire. The ghost that shows up will run through the Laundry Room into the Butler's Room. Follow him and when he sits on the lit firestick, start vacuuming him. Ghost description: The Beautiful Pianist Melody Pianissma 26 Years Old Despite playing moving melodies, she has a surely disposition. Oddly enough she loves video games. Room: Conservatory 1F What she does: Playing the piano. Comment: (Hmph! This vagamuffin looks as if he couldn't play a note!) Strategy: Press A on all the instruments in the room so they'll start playing and notes will come out of them. Then go the piano and Melody will show up. She will play a melody and give you three alternatives. Answer "Water" if you're allowed to choose between "Water", "Sky" and "Err, I don't know". answer "Super Mario Bros. 3" if you're allowed to choose between "Mario Bros.", "Super Mario World" and "Super Mario Bros. 3". When you've answered correctly a battle against her music sheets will start. Vacuum them all up and you'll be able to vacuum Melody. Try keeping her in the side of the room where the piano stands and you'll surely be able to vacuum her in one try. Ghost description: The Freaky Fortune-Teller Madame Clairvoya ??? Years Old Her close connection to the spiritworld lets her see nearly 49 days into the future. Room: Fortune-Teller's Room 1F What she does: Sitting and waiting for someone to tell fortunes. Comment: (Destiny chooses our paths...) Strategy: To be able to vacuum her you must fulfill some tasks first. You must let her examine all of Mario's dropped items. You can find them here. Mario's hat: In the laundry machine, Laundry Room, 1F. Mario's letter: In the nesting box, Courtyard, 1F. Mario's star: Blow up the moon, Observatory, 2F. Mario's glove: Beat all the ghosts in the Projection Room, 1F. Mario's shoe: Beat the Twins in the Twin's Room, 2F. When you've let her examine all of the stuff it's just to vacuum her. Ghost description: The Glutton Mr. Luggs 30 Years Old He prefers all-you-can-eat buffets to three meals a day. He ate himself to death but still wasn't satisfied. Optional Room: Dining Room 1F What he does: Eating Comment: (No can see me in this darkness! No one no one no one noooooooooo-one) Strategy: First get the fire elemental and light the candles on the table with it, all the candles. Then start vacuuming his caramel custard on the table. When some of it are gone, two blue servant- ghosts will appear to serve him more of his desert. Defeat the light sensitive servants first so they won't disturb you any longer. Then start vacuuming all his caramel custard and he will attack you with fireballs. They're slow and easy to avoid. Just use the sidestep control and move from side to side while you're aiming the flashlight at Mr. Luggs. After a while he gets tired of attacking you and he lies down to rest and then you can vacuum him. He may be hard to get in one try. Keep focused and don't let him drag you and you'll get him. Ghost description: The Hungry Guard Dog Spooky 4 Years Old This creepy canine will sink its chops into any seemingly edible thing in sight. Room: Boneyard 1F What it does: Sleeping Comment: (Woof woof woof!) Strategy: He'll sleep at first so shine your flashlight at him until he wakes up. Then he will "play" with you. Avoid his attacks three times. Do it by watching him. When he stops for a while, move aside and the dog will miss you. After three failed attacks from the dog or(one successful) Mr. Bones will show up. He will start throwing bones at you. Avoid the bones and attack him as an ordinary ghost. When Mr. Bones is defeated he'll leave one bone which Spooky will start chewing on. Then it's your chance to catch him. Ghost description: The Cemetery Shadow Bogmire ??? Years Old A product of the mansion's fear and despair, he's not sure what to fear or what to despair of these days. Room: Graveyard 1F What he does: Resting in his grave. Comment: - Strategy: Check the "Bosses" section. Ghost description: The Bodybuilder Biff Atlas 26 Years Old This kind bodybuilder loves muscles and lilies. Why lilies? They symbolize purity. Optional Room: Rec. Room 1F What he does: Exercising Comment: (Look at this buffness! I'm huge! How'd you like to be my punching bag, weakling?) Strategy: Punch one of the punchbags by pressing A on them. Punch it so it hits Biff Atlas. Do this three times to be able to vacuum him. After the first hit he will slowly move towards Luigi and give him a punch so be sure to go behind a punching bag to deliver the second punch. After the second punch he will go berserk so be quick to go to another punch bag and give Mr. Atlas the last punch. Try for heaven's sake to keep this fellow in one part of the room while your vacuuming him. If you fail to vacuum him in one try and wish to continue and don't care to do in one try you only have to punch him once. Ghost description: The Bathing Beauty Miss Petunia ??? Years Old The Miss Ghost runner-up from six years ago, she hasn't had much modeling work lately. Room: Bathroom 2F What she does: Bathing Comment: (Ahh... a piping hot shower!) Strategy: To get her you must first draw away the curtain with your vacuum cleaner aside and then spray ice with your ice elemental on her bathtub. She might attack you with water if you don't spray ice right away. Then she will sneeze and you can start vacuum her. When you've cleared the relative easy vacuuming it's time to get the pearls as usual, only this time there's some behind the bath and it's a little tricky to get them. You must suck them up so you hear them tingle then aim your vacuum cleaner up so the pearls follow over the edge of the bathtub. Ghost description: The Scarf-Knitting Granny Nana 76 Years Old She's still knitting the scarf she never finished in life. It now stretches to 871 feet (365 m). Room: Nana's Room 2F What she does: Knitting Comment: (Hey, it's a funny man. Should I play with him?) Strategy: A basket of yarn lies next to Nana. Tap it and the three balls of yarn will fall to the floor. Vacuum one so it gets stuck on your mouthpiece, then try to shoot it at Nana who will be going around in circles. Then do the same with the next ball of yarn and Nana will shoot laser beams at you from her eyes. Cool! When you've hit her with that, take up the last one and Nana will both go around in circles and shoot laser beams. You can vacuum her after three hits. If you fail to vacuum her in one try you won't have to shoot any more yarn balls at her, it's just to vacuum her again. Try keeping her in the same side of the room. If you miss any ball she'll disappear and you must go in to the room again and start over. Ghost description: The Lonely Poolshark Slim Bankshot 29 Years Old Optional Slim's a legend in the world of competitive pool. Too bad he's never played a living soul. Room: Billiard's Room What he does: Playing pool Comment: (You want some of this?) Strategy: Slim plays pool and he keeps on shooting away his billiard balls. And they just come back after they've bounced around the room for a while. Your task is to shoot three of the balls at him and then vacuum him. Use your vacuum cleaner to get the balls on your mouthpiece and then shoot them at the floating stick and you'll hit the ghost. Ghost description: The Twin Brothers Henry and Orville 5 Years Old The twins like to play hide and seek, but since they both hide the game never seems to end. Room: Twin's Room 2F What they do: Playing hide and seek Comment: - Strategy: Take your vacuum cleaner and aim it at one of the choppers in the circular thing in the ceiling. Then go around with Luigi in a circular motion so the thing spins around. The twins will show up in a short while. They want to play with you, hide and seek. Go out of the room, even though they're ghost they need to hide. They'll send you into the room again and you'll see five packages. In two of them the twins are hiding. If you choose wrong you must repeat the whole process. Too see which packages that holds the twins you must vacuum the packages. Those that holds the twins shake when you vacuum them so open these with A and a battle will begin. The blue twin will drive a car around the room and the red one will drive a plane and drop bombs. Watch the red's shadow. I'd recommend to take the blue ghost first because it's much harder to catch the red ghost when the blue one is going around on the ground. Note that the blue twin does not drop any pearls so you can drop him many times and get a gold frame either way. To get a twin in the vacuum cleaner, vacuum its vehicle until they fall off it and you can start vacuuming the ghost. When you try to catch the blue ghost watch the red one's shadow carefully. Then just take the red one, it shouldn't be much problem. Ghost description: The Jumbo Ghost Boolossus ??? Years Old When the shy, timid Boos get together, their body and their attitude get BIG! Room: Balcony 3F What they do: Dancing Comment: - Strategy: Check the "Bosses" part. Ghost description: The Jar Collector Jarvis ??? Years Old Optional He loves his antique jars so much that he now lives in one. He can hardly contain himself! Room: Ceramics Studio 3F What he does: Hiding in a jar. Comment: - Strategy: Start by getting ice elemental from the frozen jar, then start checking all the vases, you'll receive lots of money and a red gem. After a while the Portrait Ghost Jarvis will show up from one of the jars. He will challenge you to a game where you should freeze him seven times. It's really easy and when you've done it you'll be able to vacuum him. Watch out for the vases that come flying. Ghost description: The Dozing Girl Sue Pea 7 Years Old Optional What was meant to be a short nap seems to have turned into eternal rest for sweet Sue Pea. Room: Guest Room 2F What she does: Sleeping Comment: (I won't wet the bed...I promise.) Strategy: This room is upside down. It looks kind of strange because a girl is lying in the bed but the bed is in the ceiling. She's a Portrait Ghost named Sue Pea. First she's a little threatening. And your job is now to spray water at her three times and then vacuum her. Aim high. But to vacuum her in one try is really difficult. She's second only to the iceman Sir Weston in difficulty and I wouldn't try to catch her in "The Mansion" and do it instead in "The Hidden Mansion". In one try then I mean. But here are some pointers if you really want to do it. It's possible but will take a few to many tries. As you can see the room is divided into two parts. Try to keep her in one part and if you have to switch side be sure not to let her draw you ever the ceiling lamp because then you will lose her. While you're doing this keep looking at the teddy bears all the time, because these will fly at you and you must avoid them or you'll drop Sue. Watch the beam all the time so you can tilt the control stick in the opposite direction. Ghost description: The Starving Artist Vincent Van Gore 59 Years Old Despite failing to sell a single painting in 30 years, this stubborn man refuses to let his art die. Room: The Artist's Studio 3F What he does: Painting Comment: (Now does he grasp zee power of my creations?) Strategy: First you'll see a cut-scene with Vincent Van Gore and he's a little grumpy so he summons a lot of ghosts from his paintings. You'll have to fight three each attack in "The Mansion" and five in "The Hidden Mansion". They come in this order. Orange Ghosts Pink Ghosts Blue Ghosts Red Grabbers Shyguy Ghosts Banana Ghosts Bomb Droppers Try to attack all at once for extra hearts. Then attack Vincent Van Gore. He's surprisingly easy to get in one try. Ghost description: Hermit of the Darkness Uncle Grimmly 45 Years Old Adrift in the darkness, he tends to keep to himself, which suits the rest of the family just fine. Room: Wardrobe Room 2F What he does: Standing Comment: (Nobody will find me because I'm old, cranky and, by gum people are afraid of me!) Strategy: Uncle Grimmly will stand near the mirror in the Wardrobe Room. Stay with your back against him and when he raises his arms and says BOOOOOOOO! turn around and start vacuuming. He's easy to catch in one try. Ghost description: The Toy Platoon Clockwork Soldiers ??? Years Old They once belonged to a tightly-wound toy collector but now they march on their own without any minding. Room: Clockwork Room 3F What they do: Guarding Comments: Green: (The valve... The valve...) Blue: (Squeak squeak) Pink: (Heyyyyy, stooooppp lookkkinnnggg at meeee!) Strategy: Then you'll see three clocks spread out through the room. Go and press A at all on them so they start playing and you'll be attacked by Portrait Ghosts, The Toy Platoon. They will shoot their toy guns at you and it stings. Lucky you, you don't have to vacuum all three at once because it's only the one in the middle, the blue one that gives you pearls. So be sure to vacuum the green and pink first. You can drop them how many times you want but you have to be more focused when you're gonna capture the blue one. They all count as one Portrait Ghost. Ghost description: The Chilly Climber Sir Weston 30 Years Old This strange fellow's icy abode may be the reason he hasn't warmed up to being a ghost. Room: Cold Storage What he does: Standing Comment: (Darn, I love the cold, I mean, I just plain love it!) Strategy: I consider it impossible to catch him in one try and have therefore never done it. I've spend hours trying. However you have to catch him either way even if you don't do it one try. This is how to do it. Get fire elemental from the camp fire and then light the camp fires in the corner. Sir Weston will show up and yell on you. He will then start shooting ice at you. Avoid them but watch it, it's slippery. Icicles will fall from the roof and they hurt you bad. Start spraying fire at Sir Weston until he melts and you can start vacuuming him. Watch the icicles and keep tilting the stick in the opposite direction which Luigi's aiming and you'll get him soon, perhaps not in one try though.

[edit] Boos

Name Regular Mansion HP Hidden Mansion HP Quote Location
BamBoo 30 150 Parlor "I am BamBoo, if you please."
Boo B. Hatch 200 100 Breaker Room "I'm Boo B. Hatch! I'm nuts!"
Boo La La 60 80 Ballroom "Allo! I am Boo La La!"
Boo Peep 100 100 Safari Room "Little Boo Peep lost sheep!"
Boocaster 300 50 Clockwork Room "Time for the six o' clock Boos!"
Boodacious 80 150 Dining Room "Name's Boodacious! Got it?"
Booffant 300 300 Pipe Room "I'm Booffant: nice hair, green."
Boogie 40 50 Laundry Room "Yow! Get down! I'm Boogie!"
Boohoo 50 80 Billiards Room "Sniff...I'm...Boohoo!"
Booigi 40 50 Fortune-Teller's Room "Hi, I'm Luigi! I mean, Booigi!"
Mr. Boojangles 50 60 Tea Room "Jingle, jangle, Mr. Boojangles!"
Boolderdash 150 300 Cold Storage "Catch me? Boolderdash!"
Boolicious 30 40 Master Bedroom "I am the yummy Boolicious!"
Booligan 80 100 Kitchen "Boy howdy, I'm Booligan!"
Boolivia 100 200 Sitting Room "I am Boolivia! I hate you!"
Boomeo 40 50 Conservatory "Wherefore am I Boomeo?"
Boomerang 300 200 Telephone Room "Boomerang coming back at ya!"
Boonita 100 100 Guest Room "I'm the lovely Boonita!"
Boonswoggle 100 80 Astral Hall "I'm Boonswoggle! Plooah!"
Booregard 100 100 Rec. Room "It is I, fair Booregard!"
Booripedes 100 150 Cellar "It is I, fair Booripedes"
Booris 100 100 The Twin's Room "Call me Booris. Und be avraid!"
Bootha 50 60 Waiting Room "Looking for me? Bootha!"
Bootique 300 200 The Artist's Studio "Bootique, c'est chic!"
GameBoo 50 60 Storage Room "Just call me GameBoo!"
GameBoo Advance 30 40 Closet "Wanna play GameBoo Advance?"
Gumboo 40 50 Hidden Room "I own myself, GumBoo!"
Kung Boo 40 50 Mirror Room "Feel the wrath of Kung Boo!"
LimBooger 100 100 Nana's Room "Stinky, stinky, LimBooger!"
PeekaBoo 40 100 Butler's Room "You found me, PeekaBoo!"
ShamBoo 50 200 Projection Room "Fresh, clean... ShamBoo!"
TaBoo 50 60 Study "Speak not my name: TaBoo!"
TamBoorine 200 150 Ceramics Studio "Who's shaking TamBoorine?"
TurBoo 50 30 Nursery "I am Turboo, and off I go!"
UnderBoo 150 200 Armory "UnderBoo's makin' a comeback!"
Boolossus 15 15 Balcony N/A
King Boo 500 500 Secret Altar "This Mario painting looks lonely! I must have a Luigi painting as well! Now join your brother...inside the painting!"

Chauncey "The Spoiled Baby" Difficulty- 1 out of 5 Strategies- This boss has three attacks. The first one he uses is the attack where giant horse chair things come firing at you. Just run around sideways to dodge these. The second one he uses is the attack where he throws balls at you that bounce off of the cradle's sides. When one of these balls stops this is your chance to hit Chauncey and take away some life percentage. Go up to the ball, suck it up with your vacuum cleaner. Point it at Chauncey and let go of the R button. Start sucking him up! If you do not get him on your first try then his third attack is where he bounces around on the cradle's base and tries to hit you. Just run away from him and he will eventually go back to the first attack and repeat them in order. Keep hitting him with the balls and sucking him up afterwards and you should be fine. After he is beat you will be warped back to Chauncey's room and a big chest will be there to greet you. Bogmire "The Shadow" Difficulty- 2 out of 5 Strategies- This boss has no real attacks. His little minions do all the dirty work. You just need to dodge them and when they are near you suck them up into a ball and shoot the ball at Bogmire to be able to suck him up. Boolossus "The Gathering of Boos" Difficulty- 3 1/2 of 5 Strategies- It is not that this boss is harder than the previous one but this boss just takes longer to beat. First thing you need to do is grab the big boo by it's backside and drag it to one of the ice statues. Then when it breaks into tiny boos you need to hit them with ice and freeze them (you can get ice ghosts from the ice statues at each side of the arena). When one is frozen suck it up into your vacuum and that is one less boo you have to deal with. King Boo/Bowser "Last Boss" Difficulty- 5 out of 5 Strategies- This boss is not the hardest boss of all time (by far) but it is the hardest boss in this game. First off Bowser's attacks are the Fire Breath, the one where he throws spiked balls at you, then one where he sucks in his breath, then one where he charges at you, and then one where he runs around like a chicken with its head on backwards. Fire Breath is easy to dodge just stay out of its range. The one where he sucks in his breath is easy too, just stay out of range. When he charges at you, you need to move out of his way fast. And when we runs around crazy-like just stay away from him. When he throws spiked balls at you, you need to wait until one stops and then suck it up to your vacuum (you must hold the R button and walk into the spiked ball to pick it up). When Bowser runs towards you, you need to back off and shoot the ball at his head when he bends over. Don't be late on this or you will get a fire breath or might get sucked into his mouth. After that, his head will come off and King Boo will come out. Suck him in while you run from Bowser's ice attacks.

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