Lord Crump

Lord Crump
Lord Crump.jpg
Lord Crump
Appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Role Minion under Sir Grodus
Affiliations X-Nauts

Lord Crump is Sir Grodus's right-hand man. He appears as a villain in Paper Mario: TTYD.

[edit] History

Lord Crump is an X-Naut. The X-Naut group's leader, Sir Grodus, discovers the Crystal Stars. Realizing the stars' power, Grodus creates a plan to obtain the powerful Crystal Stars to awaken a powerful demon, using it for world domination.

Crump was first sent to Rogueport to locate the Thousand-Year Door. While searching for it, he runs into Goombella, who is working with a knowledgeable proffesor. Crump attempts to get information from her, but Mario comes to the rescue and defeats the X-Naut in battle. He then sends a huge X-Naut attack force beat up Mario and Goombella, but both of them escape from the huge dogpile of X-Nauts.

Grodus is not pleased with Crump's failure, but sends his minion out again with an X-Naut army to occupy the Great Tree. Grodus located a Crystal Star in the giant tree, and hopes to obtain it. Upon arriving there, the X-Nauts imprison the resident Punis and interrigate them. Mario and his party arrive to crush Crump's operation, and eventually reach the minion himself. He turns on a timer for explosives planted inside the tree, but the heroes catch up to Lord Crump and stop him at the entrance to the Great Tree. Crump turns off the timer and fights Mario in the Magnus Von Grapple battle robot.

Lord Crump later disguises himself as Four-Eyes, a pirate/adventurer, so he can get on Flaavio's boat. The boat, with Mario on board, was bound to Keyhaul Key, where another Crystal Star was located at. Crump stayed back an allowed Mario to obtain the Crystal Star from the pirate king Cortez. Once Mario made his way outside, Crump ambushed him with an attack from the sea. Mario and his party got help from Cortez by using his ship to board the X-Nauts. The heroes battled Lord Crump once more.

Finally, Grodus leaves Crump at the X-Naut fortress to defend the final Crystal Star. Using the Magnus Von Grapple 2.0, Crump engaged in battle with Mario once Mario. He failed in this task, and was blown off the fortress and into open space.

The X-Naut appears again at the ending with the remaining X-Nauts and what's left of Sir Grodus. The two villains no longer do anything harmful.

[edit] Personality

Crump believes himself to be a very strong person, and usually tells Mario that he's doomed (mainly when piloting the Magnus Von Grapple). He comes off as a rather stupid person throughout the game, due to his many failures. However, he is very persistent in his work, always itching to have another go at Mario.

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