Koopa Troopa Cave

Koopa Troopa Cave
World 1-2 (Koopa Troopa Cave).png

World World 1
Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Previous Course Super Bell Hill
Next Course Chargin' Chuck Blockade

Koopa Troopa Cave, or World 1-2 is the second course of World 1 in Super Mario 3D World. This is an underground course filled with many Koopa, Goomba, and Clear Pipes. Throughout the course, you can use the Clear Pipes to move along its bottom or top portions. The Fire Flower also makes a debut here. In this game, the fireballs you launch can enter the clear pipes, attacking enemies on the other end. Finally, the first purple Mystery Box appears on this course, which sends you to an area with the possibility to earn a Green Star. Clearing this course will open the path to World 1-A, Chargin' Chuck Blockade.


[edit] Green Stars Location

  • Green Star 1: The first Green Star is between a set of vertically moving clouds. Carefully grab it without falling into the bottomless pit.
  • Green Star 2: After the checkpoint, use the purple Brick Blocks to reach the platform where the Purple Mystery Box is located. Head inside of it and in the next area, defeat the two Koopas, which will reveal the second Green Star
  • Green Star 3: Near the end of the course, you'll see the Green Star on top of a stack of Goombas.

[edit] Stamp Location

After heading inside of the Clear Pipe, which takes you to the final area of the course, jump to reveal a hidden block. Use that block and jump to reveal a second hidden block. Repeat once more to reveal a third hidden block. Use those set of blocks to reach a platform, where there's a Clear Pipe on the wall. Head inside the Clear Pipe, which will take you to the location of the stamp.

[edit] Secret Exit

The Super Bell is required to reach the secret exit. Slightly to the right of the Clear Pipe leading to the stamp is an opening above. Use Cat Mario to climb up taking you to a Warp Pipe. The course will automatically end and you'll see Mario on the World Map traveling underground through a Clear Pipe, sending him straight to World 2, without having to complete the rest of World 1.

[edit] Enemies

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