Kammy Koopa

Kammy Koopa
Kammy Koopa in Paper Mario.jpg
Kammy Koopa as seen in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Role Main Antagonist, Minor Antagonist
Relations N/A
First Appearance Paper Mario
Other Appearances Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


[edit] Character Bio

[edit] Personality and Appearance

Kammy Koopa is very short tempered, she is often drawn to anger by Bowser's Castle's guards, or by Bowser himself. She loves to cause trouble for Bowser's enemies, especially Mario.

Kammy wears a purple colored robe with a matching hat, her short white hair sticks out of the back of her hat. She has a yellow face that looks somewhat bird like, sometimes a old rickety tooth can be seen when she opens her mouth. Her hands are yellow also, and have only four fingers. Kammy often has her magic broom, or magic wand with her.

Kammy Koopa in Paper Mario.

[edit] Background

Kammy Koopa (often referred to as Kammy) is the leader of the Magikoopas, and servant to Bowser. She, along with her Magikoopas, live in Bowser's Castle. Kammy first appeared in the game Paper Mario, in which she is often seen with Bowser.

[edit] Powers

Kammy Koopa can shoot magic like beams from her wand, she can also create blocks that block peoples way, or smash them on top of people. She also like all Magikoopas, can fly on her magic broom.

Kammy, and and her Magikoopas, and Bowser, and his Koopa Troopas

[edit] Video Game Appearances

Kammy Koopa has appeared in only two Mario games; Paper Mario, and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Kammy's role in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, is much less of an important role than her role in Paper Mario.

[edit] Future

Kammy's future is not quite clear, though she appeared in the first two Paper Mario's, she did not appear in Super Paper Mario, this fact cannot confirm nor deny future appearances.

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