Jelly Ultra

Jelly Ultra
JellyUltra PM2.png
Appearances Paper Mario,Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
HP Restored 50
FP Restored 50
Damage Dealt 0

The Jelly Ultra is one of the best Mushroom items in the Paper Mario Series. It can only be obtained after mixing a Jammin' Jelly with the Ultra Shroom. If the player has used all of the Jammin' Jellies or Ultra Shrooms in the game then it will really expensive to make. They cost 120 coins to make from Charlieton, or in Deepdown Depot for 200 coins.

When it is used, it will heal fifty HP and fifty FP as it acts like a Ultra Shroom and Jammin' Jelly. If the player decided to sell the item, they would get 150 coins.

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