Items play a big part in the Mario Kart series. They make races madder than ever, and with the addition of 3 extra items, this is going to be the maddest race yet!

[edit] List of Items

Mushroom.jpg Item Box

Mushroom.jpg Banana

Mushroom.jpg Triple Banana

Mushroom.jpg Red Shell

Mushroom.jpg Triple Red Shell

Mushroom.jpg Green Shell

Mushroom.jpg Triple Green Shell

Mushroom.jpg Mushroom

Mushroom.jpg Triple Mushroom

Mushroom.jpg Golden Mushroom

Mushroom.jpg Fake Item Box

Mushroom.jpg Blooper

Mushroom.jpg Bob-Omb

Mushroom.jpg ThunderBolt

Mushroom.jpg Star

Mushroom.jpg Blue Shell

Mushroom.jpg Bullet Bill

Mushroom.jpg NEW* POW Block

Mushroom.jpg NEW* Mega Mushroom

Mushroom.jpg NEW* Thunder Cloud

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