Item Bag

Item Bag

Item Bag as it appears in Mario Party 4.

Appearance(s) Mario Party 3 and Mario Party 4
Effect Gives the player 3 items at random.
Coin Cost 30 coins(Mario Party 3 and Mario Party 4)
Rarity Very Rare

The Item Bag made its debut in Mario Party 3 and appeared again in Mario Party 4. When the player bought this rare item(it never appears in item mini-games) s/he would have to hit it however many times that equaled the amount of free item spaces s/he had at that time. The items that came out would be completely random. In Mario Party 3, it would sometimes produce a rare item like a Barter Box or Wacky Watch. This type of item was discontinued after its appearance in Mario Party 4 as future Mario Party installments used Orbs.(the current term for items in the Mario Party games.)

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