Ink Showdown


Ink Showdown is a Special Game found in Mario Tennis Open. It is one of the four special games featured in the game and similar to Piranha Challenge from Mario Tennis. Inky Piranha Plants will spit balls at the player and the player will need to hit the ball back past the opponent to add to their score. If the opponent hits the ball, or the player misses the ball, then it doesn't count and the player will lose one of their three tries. When they lose all three tries, then their game will be over. A score will be added if the opponent fails to rebound or if the player hits the player. If the ball goes out of bounds, then the player will not lose a try.

Occasionally the Inky Piranha Plants will spit an ink ball at the player and the player will need to hit the ink. If they miss, then the ink will spread across the screen for a brief while. Hitting the ink ball does not count towards the score.

This game will have three difficulties, with each having a certain amount of rebounds needed to complete the game. Each difficulty with have their own different court and at the end of the game, the amount of tries that the player has will help decide how much coins they earn.

When the player completes the gold difficulty, they will unlock Dry Bowser for player. If they reach 50 rebounds in the challenge difficulty, then they will unlock the Petey Piranha Suit.

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