Hot Bob-Omb

Hot Bob-Omb
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Peach, Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario playing Hot Bob-Omb

Hot Bob-Omb is a 4-Player Minigame as well as a Battle Minigame appearing respectively in Mario Party and Mario Party 2. The objective is to pass a Bob-Omb to your opponents and make sure you aren't the one holding the Bob-Omb when it eventually explodes. When the Bob-Omb is tossed to you, you must catch it, or else it will get bigger and turn red, increasing the chances of the Bob-Omb exploding on you. The last person standing will win the minigame.

[edit] Controls

  • Control Stick - Pass Direction
  • A - Throw Bob-Omb
  • B - Catch Bob-Omb

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